The Fargo-Moorhead snow total from the storm right after Thanksgiving was 9.3 inches. A month later, just before New Year's Day, we got another 12.3 inches. The Grand Forks area got 8.1 inches after Thanksgiving and 13.7 inches in late December.

Together, those two storms have supplied us with about half our snow total this winter so far. Regarding the outlook for additional winter snow as it relates to the spring flooding potential, it's actually a difficult forecast.

In the grand scheme of things, either the late November storm or the late December storm or both could have easily gone 200 miles farther southeast, and our snow cover would be much less impressive. Going forward and applying the same logic, no one knows of the inevitable February and March snowstorms will bring heavy snow to our region or someplace else. Then there's the all-important melt rate and the possibility of rain at that time. No one could possibly know these things. Not knowing is hard, but it is the nature of the future, particularly of weather.