Wadena County District Court- Oct. 20 edition

FSA Court gavel 11-13-18


  • Jamie M. Kreiner, 31, Verndale, gross misdemeanor domestic assault, $990 fees, stay of 335 days local confinement. Adult probation, must complete chemical assessment, domestic abuse program.
  • Scott A. Horn, 60, Hewitt, misdemeanor theft, $575.90 fees, 90 day stay.
  • Heinz P. Lintner, 59, Menahga, misdemeanor, domestic assault, $300 fees, two years adult probation and complete chemical dependency evaluation and domestic abuse treatment.
  • Jacqueline N. Black, 33, Verndale, felony fourth degree assault, $140 fees, three years adult supervised probation, commit to MN correctional facility in Shakopee for 12 months 1 day stay for three years; aiding and abetting felony theft, 10 years supervised probation, $14,661.35 fees which includes $12,996.35 in restitution, must complete chemical dependency treatment.
  • James T. Havnes, 64, Menahga, disorderly conduct, $500 fees.
  • Samuel J. Goeden, 34, Wadena, gross misdemeanor violate order for protection, complete domestic abuse counseling, no alcohol or controlled substance, stay 310 days local confinement, $990 fees.
  • Gregory D. Zutter, 42, New York Mills, second degree DWI, controlled substance. Conditions: Chemical dependency evaluation, attend MADD impact panel, stay 275 days for six years; 30 days jail plus 60 days house arrest alcohol sensitive, $1,015 fees.
  • Travis J. Titcomb, 26, Park Rapids, second degree assault with a dangerous weapon, 45 months in MN correctional facility, $140 fees; gross misdemeanor domestic assault 1 year local confinement.
  • Michael A. Cayo, 56, Wadena, misdemeanor disorderly conduct, $140 fees, stay 79 days for one year, complete chemical assessment.


  • Gage A. Brown, 25, Hewitt, misdemeanor DWI, fees $640, stay 88 days for two years. Conditions: complete chemical assessment, attend MADD impact panel.

  • Miles P. Roth, 26, Sebeka, misdemeanor driving after revoked license, $290 fees.
  • Dylan R. Beach-Bittner, 20, Motley, speeding, 103/65, $390 fees.
  • Kyla A. Ness, 20, Wadena, driver approaching intersection failed to yield right of way, $140 fees.
  • Tristin S. Etzler, 19, Staples, misdemeanor DWI, $515 fee, stay 89 days local confinement, two years supervised probation.
  • Levi E. Savela, 22, Sebeka, DWI, $490 fees, attend MADD impact panel, stay 89 days local confinement for two years.
  • Dakota A. Schaefer, 18, Verndale, speeding, 55/30, $230 fees.
  • Dustin R. Barten, 28, Wadena, misdemeanor fourth degree DWI, attend MADD impact panel, $565 fees, local confinement 90 days, two years supervised probation.


  • Travis J. Titcomb, 26, Park Rapids, felony threats of violence; felony escape from custody.

  • Tina L. Hurtig, 45, Staples, two counts of fourth degree damage to property, five counts of disorderly conduct, obstruct legal process; two counts of fifth degree controlled substance crime, disorderly conduct, and three counts of possession of drug paraphernalia.
  • Henry N. Mitchell, Jr., 78, Wadena, two counts of domestic abuse (violate order for protection), two counts of domestic abuse (violate no contact order), domestic assault and disorderly conduct.
  • Rachel L. Peterson, 42, Wadena, issuance of dishonored check.
  • Danielle M. Newhouse, 21, Wadena, fourth-degree intentional damage to property.
  • Amanda R. Greenwaldt, 33, Hewitt, felony introduce contraband-weapon into jail; gross misdemeanor DWI refuse to submit, misdemeanor DWI, open bottle violation.
  • Jacqueline N. Black, 33, Verndale, fleeing peace officer other than a motor vehicle, possesses a small amount of marijuana.
  • Tristin S. Etzler, 19, Staples, misdemeanor fourth degree DWI.
  • Dustin R. Barten, 28, Wadena, third degree DWI.
  • Samuel J. Goeden, 34, Wadena, two counts domestic assault.
  • Eugene E. Morthberg, 40, Wadena, domestic abuse, violate order for protection, conditions met or expired.
  • Stephanie L. Rodgers, 44, Sebeka, issuance of dishonored check.
  • Amy E. Swanson, 48, Park Rapids, issuance of dishonored check.
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