Wadena County board: Curtis Kreklau runs for District 4

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The contest for Wadena County Commissioner in District 4 is between two candidates who share a last name and a passion for local government - Curtis Kreklau and Murlyn Kreklau. Both look to fill the seat of outgoing commissioner Chuck Horsager in a district that includes the cities of Sebeka and Nimrod and townships of Wing River, North Germany, Rockwood, Huntersville, Orton, Leaf River and Lyons.

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Curt Kreklau

Curtis Kreklau has lived in the Sebeka area for 10 years and is the current Menahga city administrator.

“I have a lot of extended family in the area,” Kreklau said. “Both of my grandparents and their extended families lived, worked and raised families here.”


Before entering into his job with the city of Menahga, Kreklau was the Wadena County Coordinator/IT Director/HR director for five years. He’s a United States Air Force veteran and previously traveled extensively doing IT consulting.

Kreklau loves Wadena County because it’s a quiet, rural area.

“The people are wonderful,” Kreklau said. “I farm, hunt, fish and enjoy nature here.”

Now is the right time to run for this seat because he believes the county cannot go on spending money like they have been.

“Because if the County Board doesn’t stop spending money frivolously, and burdening this small population with exorbitant taxes, the services the county currently provides will be greatly diminished,” Kreklau said. “So will the quality of life.”

Kreklau went on to answer the following questions.

Question: Why are you the best candidate to represent voters and better their everyday life?

Answer: My experience at Wadena County will serve the citizens well. I served Wadena County as the coordinator and HR director for five years. I was the head of the budget committee and personnel committee. I have good relationships with the county staff and the current elected officials. I know how the local taxes can be cut. I know the organizational dynamics of Wadena County government and the duties of a county commissioner. As a veteran and local farmer, I know how to lead. I am ready to start on DAY ONE to improve Wadena County Government.


Question: What actions would you take, if any, to address the affordability of housing in the county?

Answer: I would seek to reduce property taxes. That alone raises the cost of housing, whether it be rent costs, or costs of home ownership.

Question: If there were to be budget cuts during your term, what are the most essential county services that you would advocate to preserve?

Answer: The county’s primary responsibilities are law enforcement (sheriff’s office and county attorney), and providing safe, secure, and well-maintained roads. The county has several departments that support these functions that also need to be a priority in terms of funding (such as IT).

Question: What would be your highest priority infrastructure project, if any, and how would you seek to fund it?

Answer: The county has no need to spend on additional building projects. During my five years there, they spent in excess of $2 million on additional building projects and parking lots.

Question: What actions would you take, if any, to create greater job opportunities for constituents and grow the local economy?

Answer: The FIRST step is to reduce property taxes to attract new businesses. Attracting new business is the way to create greater job opportunities.

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