Crews continued digging deep underground this week in an effort to piece together the new sanitary sewer along the Hwy 10 reconstruction zone.

The repetitious work of digging holes, laying pipe and filling holes back up makes it look like not much is happening according to Landwehr Construction project manager Derek Burggraff, but this lengthy part of the job is an important one for users of the utilities in the city.

In a project meeting, Thursday, July 2, officials heard sanitary sewer, storm sewer and erosion control work will continue on for at lest two more weeks. Once utilities are covered over, concrete will pour once more, about three weeks from now.

Burggraff anticipates reopening of First Street and Hwy 71 intersections around mid-August, dependent on work that the railroad must also complete.

While citizens of Wadena may often decry the sound of the train horns blaring through town, at least a couple workers chimed in during the road meeting that it would be nice to have a little more quiet. Wadena City Administrator Janette Bower chimed in to share that part of the work that the construction crews are performing is helping the city inch closer to that "quiet zone" designation.

The addition of medians at the railroad intersections provide for a barrier that should stop people from driving around the railway arms. That addition should lead to the subtraction of train horns at Wadena's three in-town intersections.

"We're hoping we're just a year out," Bower said of the possibility of a no-train-horn zone.

Crews had to contend with hot and humid conditions during the last week, with more expected. Few rain issues have caused trouble for the project. Burggraff said wet conditions can back projects up quickly especially when fresh concrete needs to cure.