With August half over, it's time for construction projects to get a move on in the Northland and there are many going on in our area.

It's an ambitious summer of construction for the community and the outdoor spaces are no exception. Major projects underway include the Splash Pad at Fink Park next to the wading pool.

This project is about to take off as crews with Commercial Recreation Specialists have done the prep work for concrete to be poured. They've set water pipe fittings in place for water to be ready to turn on following the foundation installation. One piece of equipment is on site and ready for placement after the concrete is set. This latest work started on Wednesday, Aug. 7.

With things a little behind schedule, public works director Dan Kovar said, pending good weather he'd like to try to get it open before the season ends. That might mean a brief use into the school year, which is typically when the wading pool would be shut down. That too may remain open a little longer to try to allow the community to get to use this before freeze up.

More seating

Another project, which could be complete in September is additional seating coming to Burlington Northern Park. Kovar said street department staff would be building concrete bench seating areas on the east and west end of the park. This work is part of the work to fulfill the master plan for BN Park.

A seating area in Tapley Park was completed last week. The new wooden bench will have a tree planted on either end of the bench to create a shaded place for folks to sit, much like a similar tree bench brought to the park thanks to Vicki and Daryl Pearson. Pearson's also donated this park bench to the city park. They were able to do so using Thrivent funds and the Pearsons (next door neighbors of the park) even helped city staff and a park board member build the bench. Materials and time are two things that don't often get donated to the city in this manner.

"Not real often," Kovar said of the donation. "But it's very much appreciated."

Kovar noted that Vicki and other around town also do a lot to beautify city flower beds. He added that the city is always looking for help in that area to make sure those landscaped areas remain a welcoming sight for everyone.

Bridge the gap

Just out of town in Blacks Grove Park, work is on hold in an effort to replace a failing bridge south of the main shelter. The Park Advisory Board is seeking a flatbed semi trailer, which they believe would work well to replace a failing bridge needed for horse crossing at the creek.

"There's a bridge there, but it's in need of replacement," Kovar said. "It's not safe for horses."

Apparently pedestrians can still safely use the bridge and it was mainly used by pedestrians in the past. The desire to have a strong bridge there is to encourage horse riders to use the bridge rather than ride their horses up the embankment, which has caused the bank to erode. The park board continues to seek out a flat bed trailer that might work for this bridge. If you know of something that might work, contact Kovar at 218-632-2766.

More parking

A green space, that some might consider a park area near the old Peterson-Biddick property has been planted into grass and an irrigation system has been keeping the site watered. The Parks Foundation has a rough sketch of what the site will look like when trees are planted at this site on Aldrich Ave. Those trees are expected to be planted soon. A piece of equipment from the Peterson-Biddick building and a plaque sharing the history of the company are also expected to be installed at the site. Next to the green space is a small parking area that offers up further parking opportunities in the community.