Police Scanner - March 3 edition

Feb. 18 o A Wadena County resident told the Sheriff's Office that someone was digging and bulldozing trees on his property. He said he had been told the township had given their approval but alleged he had never been notified. Feb. 19 o Two dead ...

Feb. 18

• A Wadena County resident told the Sheriff's Office that someone was digging and bulldozing trees on his property. He said he had been told the township had given their approval but alleged he had never been notified.

Feb. 19

• Two dead dogs were taken to a vet in Staples. It was determined the dogs had been poisoned in some suspicious manner. There were no suspects.

Feb. 20


• A Wadena man reported a woman was trying to break into his house.

• A domestic disturbance and damage to property was reported to have occurred at a Wadena residence. The suspect fled the area prior to the arrival of an officer because the disturbance occurred three hours prior to the report.

Feb. 21

• Vandalism was reported at a Wadena residence. The complainant was awakened by someone knocking on her window after dark. When she looked outside she saw "stuff" all over her car. The vehicle was covered with post-it notes. The investigating officer noticed a foot print by the window to the woman's apartment. Pictures were taken of the vehicle and the footprint.

• A caller said she was reviewing text messages from the father of her children. She alleged the messages and phone calls had been arriving all day and some were rude. She was advised to apply for a Harassment Restraining Order (HRO) from the court. She said she had applied for one in January but had missed court by 10 minutes so the judge did not honor it. She was advised to block incoming calls and text messages. She said her phone did not have the capability. She then said the father wanted to get the social security numbers of the children so he could claim them on his taxes.

Feb. 22

• A person observed two vans parked in a downtown Wadena parking lot. She alleged the owners were exchanging long guns. She told police she did not feel it was the appropriate place for a swap. Wadena police officers talked to the van owners and found the swap was a gun for a generator. The police advised them to find a better place to exchange items in the future.

• A woman reported a dark green truck with an orange top was parking in front of her apartment. She told police she was home alone and was concerned because she did not know to whom the truck belonged.


• The Sheriff's Office received a theft complaint after wheels and tires were taken off a jeep which had been parked near a road and offered for sale. The owner reported four missing rims and tires. The suspects left a bottle jack behind. The tires and rims were valued at $400. No tracks or footprints could be found.

• A woman told law enforcement she was having a problem with the speed of traffic entering Wadena. She said she was concerned for small children and special needs children.

Feb. 23

• Wadena police stopped a driver on Highway 10 because of a driving complaint relayed to them by the Minnesota State Patrol. The driver said she was not impaired but said she did have a history of Bell's Palsy.

• A policeman observed a suspicious vehicle make several quick turns and double back in an attempt to avoid contact. The vehicle finally stopped in a parking lot. The officer made contact with the driver and his passenger and was told by the driver he did not like contact with the police.

• Police were notified by a caller that his neighbor's dog had been barking for several hours. He alleged the dog had no food or water and that the owners had been gone for about four days. The owner was contacted and he said he would take care of the situation.

• A caller requested help in checking her Minnesota residence. She alleged her electric bill was $100 higher than usual. The Menahga Police Department assisted with the property check and found the building was secure.

• A caller alleged she had heard a loud noise, possibly three gunshot-like noises, coming from her neighbor's residence. Deputies assisted Wadena police officers with the call. The tenants of the residence were home but did not answer the door. Photos were taken of potatoes in the yard along with aerosol cans and a light. A potato gun was seen at the side door of the residence.



These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.

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