Police Scanner-March 24 edition

March 10 o The Sheriff's Office received a report of a female at the intersection of County Road 23 and 214th Street who did not know what was wrong with her. The female was arrested for fourth degree DWI. March 11 o The owner of a vehicle allege...

March 10

• The Sheriff's Office received a report of a female at the intersection of County Road 23 and 214th Street who did not know what was wrong with her. The female was arrested for fourth degree DWI.

March 11

• The owner of a vehicle alleged someone had entered his vehicle and broken his ignition. A screwdriver, which did not belong to the vehicle's owner, was found on the seat.

• A female's ex-boyfriend who left her residence, returned and left again was arrested for domestic assault.


• ATV operators were reported to be doing brake stands and digging holes on 107th Avenue. They argued with the man reporting the activity after he asked them to stop what they were doing.

• A juvenile male who allegedly huffed an entire can of air duster was taken to a hospital emergency room by the Staples Ambulance.

March 12

• A caller who asked to speak with a deputy about a property line problem was told that law enforcement does not take sides in civil disputes. He was advised to wait until a survey was completed and then take the other half of the dispute to court over the issue on which they disagreed.

• The report of a small grass fire prompted the use of a fire extinguisher on County Road 23. The Department of Natural Resources arrived to soak the area down with water. The DNR believed the fire had been intentionally set.

• A Wadena store video showed two unknown males. One of them paid for his items but was stopped at the door when a security alarm sounded. The male removed a iPhone charger from his pocket which he gave to management. He was advised he was no longer allowed in the store.

March 13

• The purchaser of a junk vehicle told a deputy the vehicle's plates were missing. He suspected they were possibly back in the hands of the seller.


March 14

• When a man's wife did not return home after her work shift ended in Perham, the man called the Wadena County Sheriff's Office and expressed concern she might have crashed or fallen asleep behind the wheel. He was unable to reach her by cell phone.

• A man on his way to feed cattle was stopped for speeding. He told the deputy he was going four miles an hour slower than the speed at which he was clocked. The man suspected something was wrong with his speedometer.

• While the driver of a vehicle traveling on County Road 26 drew a verbal warning for speed, the kids in the vehicle were given Dairy Queen cards for wearing their safety belts.

March 15

• A confusing situation took place in Sebeka when a man stopped at his home and was accused by people carrying flashlights of being someone who they had a restraining order against. Police patrolled the area for 10-15 minutes but did not observe anyone on foot in the vicinity.

• Police performed a welfare check after a Facebook posting. An officer made contact with a woman who laughed and said she was fine. She said the post had been misunderstood.

• A Chevy Impala and a Ford pickup were keyed. Police had no suspects. The owner of the vehicles said he was willing to pay a reward for finding the suspects.


• An anonymous noise complaint was made on Jefferson Street South. The caller said a male in an orange sweater was near a red Ford playing loud music and requested it be stopped because he worked nights. An officer made contact with the vehicle owner. She was hooking up a new car stereo system. She was advised of the city noise ordinance and told she would be cited if another complaint was made.

• A complainant on First Street Southwest in Wadena alleged two people were smoking "dope" in a vehicle near a building. An officer made contact and smelled marijuana coming from the back of the vehicle. The occupants and their vehicle were searched and a small garbage can and several one hitters were found. A metal pipe and fresh-packed marijuana were found. Citations were issued.

March 16

• A woman told the Wadena County Sheriff's Office she had warrants out for her arrest in St. Louis and Carlton Counties and wanted to surrender. The WCSO contracted authorities in St. Louis County. They denied having a warrant out for the woman.

• A woman alleged her sister, who was recently released from prison on a conspiracy to commit murder charge, wanted to kill her. She was advised to file for an Order for Protection (OFP).

• A caller felt it was suspicious that a man was selling cases of beer out of his trunk in Wadena.


These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.

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