Police Scanner - June 4 edition

May 21 o A woman gave law enforcement the name of a man who allegedly stole her deceased husband's jacket. o The Todd County Sheriff's office requested a welfare check on a woman and her niece after a disturbing text message and photo were received.

May 21

• A woman gave law enforcement the name of a man who allegedly stole her deceased husband's jacket.

• The Todd County Sheriff's office requested a welfare check on a woman and her niece after a disturbing text message and photo were received. A deputy checked on their welfare and found that both were fine. The picture was of the niece's dirty feet.

• A woman reported a man running around in a field wearing blue and white pajama bottoms. A deputy found the man was not intoxicated and gave him a ride home.

May 22


• A Predatory Offender Registry (POR) compliance check found a homeless person was staying in their car in the old Pamida parking lot in Wadena.

• A traffic stop for speeding on County Road 4 netted a driver a warning. One of the vehicle's passengers was in labor.

• A traffic stop on Highway 71 for the improper use of a lane resulted in a warning. A female in the car was complaining of pain and the loss of feeling. The woman was assisted by the deputy, the Tri-County ambulance and the Wadena Police Department.

• A man and woman were reported to be arguing on Second Street Northeast in Wadena. The man took the license plates off the woman's vehicle and departed in the direction of Highway 10.

• Police received a report that a female was "freaking out" in her apartment on First Street Southwest in Wadena and a neighbor had to break a window in order to come to her aid.

• A caller complained that a male individual was following another apartment renter around the building and it was making her nervous. The suspect was allegedly going in and out of the Second Street apartment building. The officer who answered the call observed the man was trying to get a vehicle started. The complainant was advised to lock her door.

• A woman reported someone gained access to her residence through a broken window sometime after she was taken to the hospital and stole her mixer.

• A complainant told police he had caught several individuals lurking in his garage at 11:20 p.m. They left in a red SUV. He did not know if they took anything from the garage.


May 23

• A Wadena woman reported having trouble with 20 kids in an alley on Second Street Southwest. She alleged they had egged her house during the night.

May 24

• A male juvenile reported his cat was shot with a BB gun but could not furnish any suspects. He was advised to call the police if he observed any neighbors shooting BB guns.

• Burglary was suspected at a residence in Wadena when three females were seen entering a trailer from which the tenants had been evicted. Law enforcement determined no burglary had occurred. Tenants had left the trailer in a mess.

May 25

• Police received a complaint of vehicle tracks in a man's driveway. The man was demanding to know who was at his residence. He reported his storm door had been broken. He told police he was going to write a letter to a North Dakota judge. The tire tracks were photographed.

• A man told police a woman had alleged that her brother was acting oddly.


May 26

• A woman requested assistance with a property exchange. She wanted law enforcement to be on hand when she asked for the return of her property. She was informed there was no court order for the exchange.

• A Wadena County deputy assisted an Otter Tail County deputy in arresting a burglary suspect at the Boondock's Cafe in Wadena.

• A man reported being assaulted at the J&J Bar in Nimrod two nights earlier. The complainant said he had inadvertently taken some money off a table at an establishment in Huntersville belonging to another man. He had paid a bill and left. The other man followed him to Nimrod where he allegedly assaulted him and took an equal amount of money, plus some of the complainant's money.

• Police received a complaint from a woman who alleged her mother had taken her dog's training collar and was attempting to sell it at a swap shop. The collar was an item she had lent her mother. She was advised that it was a civil matter.

• A foster parent reported suspicious activity on her phone line. She told the police the father of her foster child was in jail. She did not want to receive any calls from him because she would then be required to pay a fee. She was given a number to call for help in blocking her phone number.

May 27

• A caller reported a cow was shot in a pasture on County Road 23.


• An Otter Tail County deputy passing through Wadena ran a plate on a suspicious vehicle and found it came from Hennepin County where the registered owner was wanted. The car, a white Cadillac, was pulled over at Orton's.

May 28

• A white suburban parked in a drive-up at the Wadena State Bank had to be unlocked by a policeman.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs

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