Police Scanner - June 11 edition

May 28 o A resident of Taylor's Beach Road received a call from a man who identified himself and said he had stopped at her home the week before. He was offering to trim trees. When she said she would not be around on the weekend he wanted to car...

May 28

• A resident of Taylor's Beach Road received a call from a man who identified himself and said he had stopped at her home the week before. He was offering to trim trees. When she said she would not be around on the weekend he wanted to carry out the work, he said she could pay in advance. She did as he suggested. He had not returned to do the work.

• Wadena County deputies assisted Menahga police in handling a civil issue. People at a Menahga residence were threatening to "beat up" a male who had permission to be there. Tenants and landlords were advised of their options.

May 29

• A vehicle was found parked in a ditch with a refrigerator in the box. It was believed the vehicle had been abandoned because of a breakdown.


• A caller said a friend had called to say his goodbyes to her. His location was unknown but he was believed to be walking around in the city of Sebeka. A Wadena County deputy assisted the Sebeka police in locating the man. The man said he was fine and it was all a misunderstanding.

• Police received a complainant from a woman who said her neighbor's cat kept attacking her dog.

May 30

• A man committed to Bell Hill Recovery Center walked away from the facility. A search was carried out but police were unable to locate the man.

May 31

• A patrol car collided with a deer on Highway 10 near Valley Irrigation at 1:17 a.m. The officer reported no visible damage to the car. The deer got up and ran away.

• A woman with renters moving out of a residence in Wadena wanted an officer to walk through the house and assess the damage.

• Police received a complaint from a Wadena woman that a man who lives nearby has been looking into windows. She was told to shut her window shades but she did not want to do that. The man was advised of the complaint. He was advised to walk in a different direction and agreed to comply.


June 1

• A caller reported two men in a Chevy extended cab pickup stopped at the Wadena County Transfer Station with a load of leaves and some garbage. They were advised to separate the garbage from the leaves but they did not. A deputy made contact with the suspect and told him to square things away with the transfer operator the following morning.

• Three to four head of cattle tied to trees across the road from a county residence had been there for a couple of weeks. A deputy investigated and found the steer had been cared for but had no feed or water. A calf had a bucket of water.

• A person reported that approximately 30 shot gun shells were on a street near the Wadena Floral Shoppe. An officer checked the area but was unable to locate any shotgun shells. He did find some rifle shells on Highway 71 and disposed of them.

June 2

• A man reported the theft of a trail camera.

• Law enforcement received a report from a woman who alleged her mother was upset with her, said she had given birth to her and was going to end it that evening. The mother has a history of mental issues but no weapons. The woman asked that her mother be committed.

• Tri County Health Care reported a patient with a dog bite. A deputy found a 13-year-old male had been bit multiple times by a husky. The landlord shot the dog. The dog's owner was not at home. The owner said he would send vaccination records.


• A county resident reported the theft of a chicken. A deputy met with the complainant and advised him to install a camera system.

• Police received a complaint about an intoxicated man and found his brown passenger car parked at a Wadena address. They made contact with the owner of the vehicle who said he drank a pint of vodka when he got home. He added that he drank a pint of vodka every evening. A PBT test of .174 was obtained. The man was released because officers could not prove he was over an .08 reading when he drove home.

June 3

• A woman asked to have deputies remove her ex-husband from a county residence. She alleged there had been a physical altercation earlier. Both had been drinking. The man was arrested for domestic assault.

• A State Patrol officer asked a deputy for assistance in locating a semi involved in a hit-and-run.

• A complainant alleged equipment he was using to log timber on another person's property had been listed for sale on Craigslist. He believed it was a misunderstanding and told police he would notify them if there was an issue.

• Police found a man watching movies in his vehicle while parked in the Burger King parking lot at 12:36 a.m. He told police he was on his way to Park Rapids and did not have a good cell signal there so he had stopped where he had a signal. He was advised to move along because the Wadena Burger King was closed.

• A minor was reported driving a car with other minors and no adults present. The car was registered to a dealer.


• A woman alleged her son was chased by a neighbor's children and shot with airsoft guns. Photos of the victim were taken at the scene.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.

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