Police Scanner - Aug. 13 edition

July 30 o A woman alleged her daughter was threatened with a knife and strangled by her boyfriend. Two deputies answered the call and one took a statement from the suspect. o A complainant informed the Wadena Sheriff's Office a person living in W...

July 30

• A woman alleged her daughter was threatened with a knife and strangled by her boyfriend. Two deputies answered the call and one took a statement from the suspect.

• A complainant informed the Wadena Sheriff's Office a person living in Wright County was mentally unstable. The complainant sounded intoxicated and was unable to provide much information. He was provided with the phone number of the Wright County Sheriff's Office but he refused it. He also refused to speak with a deputy.

• Stress over a financial situation instigated a fight between a male and female in Sebeka. The man was reported to be throwing and break things. No one was physically harmed.

July 31


• A semi traveling north on Highway 71 took out the railroad arms at the junction of Highway 10. Officers attempted to locate the semi on the north side of Wadena. They also checked Mason Brothers and Russ Davis Wholesalers but did not find a semi which matched the description they were given.

• A caller reported a man who allegedly said he was going to kill himself. The caller said the man did not have guns but did have knives. When questioned by a deputy the man said he did not feel like hurting himself and said he did not need an evaluation. He was told to call his counselor.

• Suspicious activity was reported by a man who said his daughter and called him a half-hour earlier and told him she had seen a man dressed in black by the "south" garage. A deputy answered the call and did not find or see anyone on the property. The deputy gathered some drug information to pass on to the drug task force.

• The state patrol transferred a 911 call about a vehicle that was swerving all over the road. An officer spoke with the driver who was an elderly woman. The woman said she was on her way to see her chiropractor. She was taking medicine for her pain and was feeling light-headed. She admitted to having a hard time keeping her vehicle in the proper lane. A woman at St. Ann's Church in Wadena was contacted and agreed to provide a ride home for the woman once she had kept her appointment.

• A caller reported a man on his back at the Wadena Food Shelf. The man was known to the Wadena Police Department. He said he had back pain but did not want medical attention. He later changed his mind and was transported to the hospital. The man said he was homeless and without any food. A Food Shelf worker took food for the man to the home of one of his friends.

• A complainant alleged an 11-year-old boy rode up to a woman's vehicle and pulled a switchblade knife before disappearing into an apartment complex on Second Avenue Northwest. The woman said the boy was upset because she was honking her horn to get her kid's attention. An officer spoke to the juvenile later and he said he owned a knife but had not pulled it on the woman. He admitted to telling the woman to quit honking her horn.

Aug. 1

• A female was found on the side of the road at the intersection of County Road 100 and Sixth Street Southeast. She was breathing but not responding. When an officer arrived the woman was starting to come around and was talking. She was checked by ambulance personnel and went home with family members.


• A Sebeka woman alleged some kids took her purse the previous evening after she forgot it on the bumper of her vehicle.

• A man reported his wife was missing when he had returned to his Verndale home. The wife, who was deaf and suffered from dementia, had left in a 2001 Chevy Malibu. The wife was later located near Oylen.

• Police received a report of a woman asleep in a car at the Holiday gas station. An officer made contact with the vehicle owner. She said she had been to a child support hearing in the Twin Cities the previous day. She had stopped at the Holiday station to rest.

• Police talked to a male in the lobby of a Wadena restaurant. The male said he left his home after his father and his stepmother had a disagreement. He confirmed his stepmother's story that his father had hit her. The officer spoke with the stepmother who said it was only a verbal argument and not a physical altercation.

• A woman told police her son had called and needed help. He said he was being chased by a woman in a white passenger car with Alabama license plates.

Aug. 2

• A citation was issued to a driver who was traveling at speeds up to 84 at 1:43 a.m. The driver admitted to going 80 and said he had to get some sleep because he had to play softball the next day.

Aug. 3


• A caller reported a woman wearing a polka dot dress and carrying a purse was walking on the shoulder of Highway 10 west of Staples at 3:19 a.m. The caller felt someone should check on her due to clothing and the cool temperatures.

• A man informed the sheriff's office he had been advised to go to a Bullard Township meeting because a neighbor was erecting a gate on a cart path/roadway. The gate was not locked. It was just being done to be a nuisance.

• A man reported his mother had attempted to commit suicide. The mother was contacted. She denied being suicidal and said she did not wish to go in for an evaluation.

• Fast-moving trucks hauling turkeys were reported to be driving down County Road 2. A complainant was concerned for children who were playing outside.

• A man, living in the vicinity of Colfax Avenue Southeast reported his Yorkshire Terrier had been missing since July 22. The man requested an officer review video tape at the school to see if anyone can be spotted picked up the dog.

• A maroon-colored mini-van was reported to be in the vicinity of the skate park on Tenth Avenue Northwest. Occupants of the van had been stopping children and asking them if they wanted candy. The occupants were wearing skeleton masks and were shining flashlights at people. The van was stopped and three juvenile males were questioned. They told the officer they were just trying to be funny and meant no harm.

Aug. 4

• A woman reported her daughter had been camped with a 14-year-old female the previous night. When the daughter had awoke her friend was gone but her belongings were still in camp. It was believed the missing girl may have been picked up by two boys during the night. The complainant called later and told police she had information on the missing girl's location.


• A man dressed in blue jeans, black boots and a blue sweatshirt was found asleep in front of a garage door at a residence on 151st Avenue. The man was transported to Tri-County Health Care to be checked. His car was towed.

• The Walmart Store in Wadena reported a tan vehicle parking at the edge of the parking lot area and a man with a dog walking around. The police were asked to perform a welfare check. The police discovered the man was asking for traveling money. He was advised to take his sign down and move along.

• A woman called to inform the police of a possible gas leak inside her home on Second Street Southwest in Wadena. The police officer answering the call could not smell gas outside. He entered the house and determined the smell was coming from inside the dishwasher. A plastic knife had fallen onto the element and melted.

• A missing person report was made after a friend of the caller had been absent for two days. The missing male was located near Verndale and transported to Tri-County Hospital by ambulance. An officer later interviewed the missing man at the hospital. He could not remember what had happened to him for several days. He admitted to taking meth to keep himself awake. He remembered getting his car stuck in a field and sleeping on someone's porch.

• A complainant alleged his daughter had been sexually molested by his wife's current boyfriend.

Aug. 5

• A teenage girl was reported to be walking down the middle of the railroad tracks between Verndale and Aldrich. A description of the girl was provided but deputies were unable to locate her.

• A complainant alleged that a man had threatened to kill her grandsons and broke a window on her car two days earlier. The complainant and another woman were advised to obtain a restraining order and call law enforcement if the man showed up.


• A woman reported a stolen battery and stereo. The owner of the business where her vehicle was located told police he had the battery and would return it along with the vehicle as soon as the woman paid her bill.

Aug. 6

• A driver was cited for driving after suspension and no proof of insurance. A passenger in the

• vehicle was cited for possession of an open bottle of vodka which was between her legs.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.

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