Police Blotter: Man upset after being denied trip to liquor store


Wadena County Sheriff

Jan. 4

  • Vehicle was stopped for a headlight out. Driver was out of town and didn't know where he was going. He stated he was going to a friends, but didn't know where the friend was. The driver had been cited for drug violations in the past. Driver consented to a search of the vehicle, which yielded nothing. Driver was released with a warning for a headlight out.
  • Reporting party had a disagreement with a female, who he said "freaked out" and threatened to tell police he assaulted her. He said it was to have him arrested. Female would not return his car keys. Male left on foot toward County Road 6 and 23 at about 8:19 a.m. A deputy made contact with the male who stated his mom picked him up. He still wanted his keys and vehicle back from the girl. He eventually was able to get the keys and vehicle back. Parties were separated and law enforcement was no longer needed.
  • A caller reported a female hit the caller in the head with a bag and female punched male in the head. The two were going through a divorce and it all started over a child exchange. Female was last seen driving off in a silver Volkswagen Jetta headed north towards Bemidji.

Jan. 5

  • A caller reported a male party was walking on Leaf River Road wearing a thin jacket and not dressed for the weather. Deputy located the male who said he was walking away from Bell Hill and wanted to go to the liquor store for more booze and he wanted the deputy to give him a ride there. Deputy told him he would give him a ride back to Bell Hill. Male party said he was only a mile away. He was brought back to the office and dropped off with staff.
  • Male party left Bell Hill, stating he was going to the liquor store. Bell Hill staff picked up male and brought him back to the facility but male was upset they wouldn't give him a ride to the liquor store. Staff were concerned about him being exposed to the cold without proper clothing.

Jan. 6

  • Caller reported the theft of a jar of pennies from his deceased father's home valued at $150.
  • Caller reported a female driver is trying to sell drugs at 6:12 p.m. near Second and Colfax Avenue. Vehicle was located and female was transported to sheriff's office.
  • An intoxicated male party called in reference to some receipts and talking about property he gave to his brother back in the 90s that he would like back. Caller kept yelling at dispatch. He was advised to call back when he was sober.

Jan. 7

  • Reporting party said he wired money for a Bobcat and never got the Bobcat or his money back. He said he had all the forms to prove it.
  • Vehicle was stopped for a tow. Dog that was in vehicle was brought to Humane Society. Dog was reported stolen out of Iowa. Arrangements were made to have owners get the dog.

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