Police Blotter: Grandma wants go-cart back


Wadena County Sheriff's Office

Sept. 1

  • Caller reported dogs came out and bit her car leaving bite marks while she was driving by. Caller wanted to talk to an officer for insurance purposes.
  • Complainant reported his property, the River Inn, was broken into, with the back door kicked in and things piled up by the back door. Caller was unsure if anything was missing.

Sept. 2

  • Reporting party called about a civil matter between her and her mother over a go-cart. The go-cart was given as a gift to grandkids but then the mother wanted to take it back. The caller was given harassment restraining order paperwork.
  • A train was reported stopped blocking all intersections in Wadena.
  • Caller reported a boy, about 1 year old, running down the road in just a diaper. Father was out with him on the walk. An officer found no issues.

Sept. 3

  • A report was made of an elderly female leaving Crow Wing County with a 10-year-old granddaughter to an unknown destination. Her cell phone was pinged near Verndale. The grandmother was located with child and met at Ted & Gens parking lot. Another female took over driving and brought the elderly woman home, while the child was returned to her mother.

Sept. 4

  • Party stated she went to her father's to get belongings and father blocked her in the driveway then shot at the back of her vehicle. Officers obtained statement from those involved and no evidence went along with the victim's statement.

Sept. 8


  • Caller reported someone hit her mailbox and stole signs from her yard.
  • Report of ATVs tearing up a gravel road near Cottingham Park. Officer located suspects and they agreed to rake the road rather than receive citations.

Wadena Police

Sept. 5

  • Caller stated they are having a garage sale and people came and ran over a box of items and are now refusing to pay for them. They were blocked in.
  • An officer observed a light pole was broken off near the ground and laying on a park bench in Burlington Northern Park at about 10:33 p.m.. It still had power to it. A city employee was contacted.
  • Officer observed a vehicle on a bicycle path at 11:14 p.m. in Sunnybrook Park. The vehicle was stopped and driver admitted there was marijuana in the vehicle and the parties had spray painted items in the park. Officer uncovered drug paraphernalia, found spray painted items and took pictures. Juvenile parents were notified and citations would be sent by mail.
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