Police Blotter: Caller wants cat back


Wadena Police

Sept. 19

Caller inquired about any ordinances against housing a pot-bellied pig in the city of Wadena. Caller was told they could not have farm animals in the city limits.

Sept. 22

Caller reported a civil dispute between her an a neighbor over a cat. She gave up her cat to a neighbor but now wants it back. Caller was advised she would have to file a petition in civil court.

Sept. 25


Caller reports they were swapping a four wheeler for a snowmobile and the other party took off with the four wheeler without a bill of sale or any other info. The snowmobile they received also does not operate.

Oct. 1

Reporting party found a plastic basket on her driveway with two hamsters inside. A passerby wanted to bring them home as they had hamsters at home. She was advised she could have them unless someone claims them.

Oct. 3

A caller on First Street SW. reported his cameras were spray painted and two of his tires were slashed.

Wadena County Sheriff's Office

Oct. 1

A male party arrived at the lobby doors saying he was followed. His words were slurred making it hard to understand. He wanted to talk to a Sgt. as he has information on many things they would want to know about.

Oct. 2


  • Reporting party requested an officer come to the office and speak to a juvenile about threatening other kids.
  • Caller requested extra patrol in front of his house as there is a white truck that goes by every night about 5-6 p.m. going very fast trying to jump the hill. Caller said there are many kids in the area and he was concerned for their safety. Someone also stole the slow down sign and he called the county to have it replaced. An officer sat in the area for a while and saw no vehicle matching the description.

Oct. 7

Caller states their "Tina Smith for State Senate" sign was taken sometime last night. The property owner planed to install a camera.

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