Police Blotter: Bartender seeks apology from upset customer


Wadena County Sheriff

Dec. 26

Reporting party called to say an intoxicated female was upset and would not leave the bar. Bartender said she was upset because she was not served more drinks. Bartender wanted an apology and the drunk female agreed to apologize.

Dec. 27

A male driver was clocked at 71 mph in a 55. Second reading was 64 mph. Driver was issued a citation for 64/55. Driver was stopped in October, on the same road, for the same violation, by the same deputy. After he was given the citation he threw it on the floor.

Dec. 28


Bank employee reported a blue Dodge truck with green headlights was parked in the bank parking lot for over two hours. One person was in the vehicle. Call was later cancelled.

Dec. 29

  • A vehicle was located in a ditch with no occupants. Vehicle was in gear, radio on and keys in the ignition. Deputy secured the vehicle and brought the keys to the sheriff’s office.

  • Caller wanted to speak with a Sebeka officer to see if the officer took his pedal bike. No bike was located.

  • A semi loaded with potato chips entered the ditch at about 7 p.m. Upon entering the ditch, the fuel tank was punctured and diesel fuel leaked into the ditch.

Dec. 30

A male party was punching walls and a toilet in the “tank” at the Wadena County Jail. Male calmed down when police officers arrived.

Dec. 31

Male party driving through Wadena County lost two black ramps from a dump trailer. Caller was unsure where they fell off but would like a call if they are found.

Jan. 2

  • Caller reported a lock box was stolen. Box had pills, and important documents inside.

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