Official results for Wadena County race shows Weyer winning by slim margin, M. Kreklau wins easily


Official votes for the Wadena County Commissioner race show little to no change from the unofficial results released after voting closed Tuesday, Nov. 3.

District 2

Michael Weyer's slim lead of just four votes was unchanged from election day to the official count. Brian Hagen had the opportunity to request a recount but decided Monday, Nov. 16, he would not due so, saying he trusted the accuracy of the results and he did not wish to use further taxpayer dollars by requesting a recount. Hagen said he conferred with Wadena County Auditor Heather Olson and determined that close elections in recent years showed nearly no change after a recount was completed. One recent one involved Olson and former Auditor Judy Taves in 2018, which resulted in no change.

"I made the decision to just accept the results as they are," Hagen said on Monday. "It was a tight battle."

Weyer said if Hagen does in fact not plan to request a recount by Friday, Nov. 20 at 5 p.m. he is excited to take on the new role in the new year.

"I'm excited about the new venture," Weyer said. "I look forward to serving my district."


Weyer attended the Tuesday, Nov. 17, county board meeting to stay up to date on the issues facing the board. He will also be vacating his Thomastown Township supervisor position in January. That board will be able to either appoint someone or wait until the March annual meeting to elect someone.

  • Michael Weyer: 762
  • Brian Hagen: 758
  • Write-in: 13

District 4

  • Murlyn Kreklau: 995
  • Curtis Kreklau, Jr.: 401

M. Kreklau led C. Kreklau, Jr. with 70.72% of the votes. M. Kreklau will replace outgoing commissioner Chuck Horsager. M.. Kreklau was also in attendance at the most recent county commission meeting catching up on recent actions.

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