WDC honor band students recognized

The Honor Band event was canceled due to winter weather and a rise in illness over the weekend of January 15.

WDC Senior Honor Band.JPG
Wadena-Deer Creek honor band junior and senior members include Ally Pavek, left, Johanna Brunsberg and Kayla Meeks.
Contributed by Lisa Weniger

WADENA — Seven skilled musicians from Wadena-Deer Creek were selected to be a part of the Northwest Minnesota Band Directors Association Honor Band event January 15 in Fergus Falls. Due to winter weather and high levels of COVID-19 throughout the region, that event was canceled, according to WDC Director Bands Lisa Weniger.
Students from Wadena-Deer Creek who were going to participate included:

  • 7-8 band: Noah Drange on tuba; Ashley Pavek on French horn; and Emma Weniger on percussion.
  • 9-10 band: Kelanie Oldakowski on flute.
  • 11-12 band: Johanna Brunsberg on flute; Kayla Meeks on baritone; and Ally Pavek on alto saxophone.
    9-10 WDC Honor Band.JPG
    Kelanie Oldakowski was a member of the 9-10 grade honor band at Wadena-Deer Creek.
    Contributed by Lisa Weniger
7-8 WDC Honor Band.JPG
Wadena-Deer Creek seventh and eighth grade honor band students include Emma Weniger - percussion; Noah Drange - tuba; and Ashley Pavek -French Horn.
Contributed by Lisa Weniger

MBDA has six regions that host honor bands throughout the year for different grade levels of band. This event was supposed to be 7-8, 9-10, and 11-12 honor bands.
"As a director and member of this organization I can nominate students to participate," according to director Weniger. "Students are then chosen by the honor band committee. Students get their music in advance to practice and prepare for the main event. Students from about 40 schools in the NWMBDA region gather, rehearse with a guest conductor, have sectional with a regional band director, and perform a concert at the end of the day for parents and other guests in attendance."

NWMBDA's span is from the Canadian border to Minnewaska, from North Dakota border to Pillager.

Future events for the calendar year for MBDA/NWMBDA are first year and second year Honor Band (this is for beginners and second year players) and 9-12 Jazz Ensemble Honor Band. These two events are planned for April.

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