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Wadena County Fair 4-H exhibit results

Check out the impressive work of these 4-H members.

Flowers Charli Snyder.jpg
Charli Snyder presented these beautiful flower displays in old tin cans Thursday, June, 23, 2022, at the Wadena County Fair. The display earned a grand champion.
Michael Johnson / Pioneer Journal
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WADENA — A total of 1,158 exhibits kept 4-H members, judges, parents and organizers more than a little busy during the 2022 Wadena County Fair.
The 4-H volunteers went through more than 60 gallons of ice cream and sold out more than half of their menu items at the food stand.
New to the competition was cake decorating, one that was welcomed by guests who were able to sample the delicacies. Ten members took part in the inaugural event.
Check out how participants fared in this year's county fair.



Lydia Vandermay – 315 Rocket (Champion)

Casen Pickar – 1151 rocket (Reserve Champion)


Jayma Lawson – Poster and Jar of Manure Tea (Champion)

Matia Pauly – Poster Soybeans (Res. Champion)


Ambitious – 4H Steers You (Champions)

4 Corners – Take a Shot @ 4H (Res. Champion)

Junior Citizens – 4-H is right up your alley

West Jolly Jets – Head Hearts Hands Health Quilt


West Jolly Jets Champion

Leaf River Builders (Res. Champion)

Spirit Clovers

Wadena Juniors


Colton Johnson – Bike (Champion)

Katreina Ellingson

Child & Family Development

Lydia Vandermay – Babysitting Kit (Champion)

Aubrey Smith – Babysitting Kit (Res. Champ)

Eve Parker – Rock, Paper, scissors game


Mazie Hopp – Making a Quilt (Champion in Non-livestock)

Jayma Lawson – Making Soap (Res. Champion in non-livestock)

Lily Parker – Chickens (Champion in livestock)

Charlie Snyder – Chickens (Champion in Livestock)

Olivia Neal – Trapping Gophers

Jayma Lawson – Milking Goats (Res. Champion in Livestock)

Hundreds of displays, crafts, clothing items and foods greeted those attending the Wadena County Fair 4-H Building for the 2022 Wadena County Fair.
Michael Johnson / Pioneer Journal

Cake Decorating

Kayla Meeks

Lily Parker

Stephanie Kovar


Lily Parker – Changing Chicken Ordinances

Teagen Kempenich – American Flag

Clothing and Textiles

Aubrey Smith – T-shirt Dress (Champion Upcycled Clothing)

Mattea Smith – Blue Formal Dress Champion Purchased

Eve Parker – Pillow Case (Champion Sewn non-garment)

Sena Lehmann – Jeans Res. Champion Purchased

Community Pride

Wadena Juniors – 4H Block Party Champions

Leaf River Builders – Toy Drive Res. Champions

Pine Cone – Menahga Memorial Day Program

West Jolly Jets – Church Cleanup Sebeka

Spirit Clover – Sr Center cleanup and plantings


Olivia Neal – Barn Quilt (Champion)

Casey Homberg – Pinecone Wreath (Res. Champ)

Charli Snyder – Tin Cut

Colleen Malone – 5 painted records

Emma Jackson – Purse made of Beads

Hana Eitel – Butterfly

Samuel Hooper – Painting

Ellie Goldberg – Rocks

Ben Rutten – Mirror

Blake Eitel – Metal Vehicle

Fine Arts

Kami Hoemberg – Oil Painting (Champion)

Lily Parker – Chicken Dragon (Res. Champion)

Macey Goeden – Iron Man

Stephanie Kovar – Deer Head

Mazie Hopp – Painted Eggs

Lilian Huls – Goldfish

Carter Hoemberg – Snowmobile Drawing

Adam Horstmann – Monster

Olivia Neal – Tree Painting

Gunner Wegscheid – Semi Drawing

Creative Writing

Lily Parker – Poem Snow Champion

Kami Hoemberg – Poem Fulfilled Res. Champion

Mazie Hopp – Men vs. Women Friends

Kayla Meeks – Writing (2poems)

Lily Parker – Poem Opposites

Kami Hoemberg – Writing Storm

Mazie Hopp – Kalimba How To

Engineering Design

Chauncy Hopp

Exploring Animals

Emmet Jackson – Spray in Rabbits Display (Champ)

Chloe Horstmann – Kagu Poster (Res. Champ)

Jayma Lawson – Dairy Cow Poster

Blake Eitel – American Mustang Book

Raleigh Parker – Egg Layer Display

Teagan Kempennich – Brahma Book

Katrina Ellingson – Silver Fox Poster

Emmett Ellingson - Kelenken

Fashion Revue

Mattea Smith – Blue Formal Dress (Champion Revue Purchased)

Aubrey Smith – Shirt Dress (Champion Revue Upcycled)

Mattea Smith – Blue Formal Dre (Purchased)

Sena Lehmann – Jeans (Res. Champion Revue-upcycled)

Mazie Hopp – Dress

Fishing Sports

Eli Rutten (Champion)

Teagen Kempenich (Res. Champion)

Foods & Nutrition

Kami Hoemberg – Cream Puffs (Champion)

Lily Parker – French Bread (Res. Champion)

Charlie Snyder – Decorated Layer Cake

Mazie Hopp – Food Plan & Record

Hallie Wegschied – Strawberry Pie

Ellie Goldberg – Bundt Cake

Eve Parker – Brownie Bomb Bars

Garret Dunn – Pumpkin Pie

Food Preservation

Clara Neal – Canned Beans (Champion)

Ellie Goldberg – Apple Rhubarb Jam (Res. Champion)

Eve Parker – Dehydrated Banana Chips

Clara Neal – Canned Beets

Ellie Goldberg – Rhubarb Jam

Health & Wellness

Teagen Kempenich – Rethink Your Drink Champion

Home Environment

Mattea Smith - Trunk (Champion)

Caleb Smith – Chair (Res Champ)

Colleen Malone – Window Memory Box

Ellie Goldberg – Repurposed Metal Display

Horseless Horse

Teagen Kempenich (Champion)

Savannah Scheff

Horse Related

Anika Neal (Champion)

Fine horticulture skills were on display at the 2022 Wadena County Fair.
Michael Johnson / Pioneer Journal


Charli Snyder – Blue Crate & Tins (Champion)

Coleen Malone – Wagon Wheel (Res. Champion)

Stephanie Kovar – Pot of Flowers

Olivia Neal – Flower

Chloe Costin – Succulents in Cross

Riley Schermerhorn – Chicken Garden

Hana Eitel – Planter

Hank Lehmann

Ellie Goldberg – Herb Plants

Chloe Horstmann

Industrial Technology

Jotham Wolsvik – Oar (Champion)

Emma Malone – Table (Res. Champion)

Caleb Smith – Chair

Eugene Reger – Book Shelf

Drew Beyatt – Chicken Coop

Paige Heller – Dog Feeder

Emma Malone – Lamp Stand

Mattea Smith – Metal Flower

Eli Rutten – Table

Mechanical Science

Jotham Wolsvik (Champion)

Natural Resources

Ashley Kovar – Isopods (Champion)

Teagen Kempenich – Maple Syrup (Res. Champion)

Garrett Yungbauer – Fish of MN

Garrett Dunn – Geodes

Wyatt Connell – Snake

Garrett Yungbauer – Tree ID

Mazie Hopp – Gold Paper

Teagen Kempenich – Trees

Mazie Hopp – Deforestation Paper

Needle Arts

Kayla Meeks – Buffalo Plaid Blanket w/ Fur (Champion)

Ellie Goldberg – Flower Needle Work (Reserve Champion)

Ellie Goldberg – Mushroom Needle Work


Hana Eitel – Caring for Cats (Champion)

Teagan Kenpennich – Shemius Mckoy Display (Res. Champ)

Stephanie Kovar – What a bunny needs

Hana Eitel – My dog Buck display

Clara Neal – Health in Cats

Emmet Ellingson – Dodo Bird


Carson Dunn – Duluth water/Tree (Champion in Photo Manipulation)

Anika Neal – Irrigation ( Champion in Elements of Photography)

Elliote Allen – Mountains (Reserve Champion in Elements of Photography)

Asher Hoeper – Hay Bale (Reserve Champion in Photo Manipulation)

Tegan Kempenich – Waterfall

Katrina Ellingson – Green Plant Close up

Lydia Vandermay – Sunset

Anika Neal – Flower Close up

Olivia Neal – Dog in the Grass

Katrina Ellingson – White Flowers

Plastic Sculpture

Kevin Dailey (Champion)

Mazie Hopp (Res. Champion)


Kayla Meeks – Quilt (Champion)

Lily Parker – Quilt (Reserve Champion)

Science of Animals

Emma Jackson (Champion)

Ashley Kovar


Mazie Hopp – 1920’s In a Bag Champion

Adam Horstmann – Salt & Eggs Poster Res. Champion

Maria Januszewski – Cold as Ice

Emmet Ellingson – Archeopteryr

Shooting Sports

Teagen Kempennich (Champion)

Elliot Allen (Res. Champion)

Everett Allen


Carlos Bauer – Language Display (Champion)

Vegetable, Fruit & Herb Gardening

Lilly Parker – Tea Herb (Champion)

Anika Neal – Kale (Res. Champion)

Veterinary Science

Faith Koning (Champion)

Lydia Vandermay (Res. Champion)

Teagen Kempenich

Mazie Hopp

Wildlife Biology & Management

Olivia Neal – Gopher Trapping display (Champ)

Asher Hoeper – Sandhill Crane (Res. Champ)

Samuel Hoeper – Wild Turkey Display

Teagan Kempennich – National Park Book

Finn Costin – Robin Poster and Nest Box

Anika Neal – Whitetail Deer

Mazie Hopp – Animals Book

Blake Eitel – Wood Duck House

At the Wadena County Fair

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