Wadena County Commission race: Kern says it's time for change in his race for county board

The primary election is set for Tuesday, August 9. Check with your local city or township to determine where your vote station is located and hours of operation. In the city of Wadena, it's at the Maslowski Wellness and Research Center.

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WADENA — Victor Kern looks to serve as the next Wadena County Commissioner for District 1.
The Pioneer Journal asked the three Dist. 1 candidates questions prior to the primary election where two candidates will be selected to move on to the general election.
Read on to find out more about Mr. Kern.

Why are you running for office and what are your goals?
Having been asked to run before, as a representative, watched the inflated billing to the taxpayer on most all items, from a new proposed jail, to a repair on any government operation. As far as goals, Constitutional and those principle, will be a part, even if that means, a consistent veto, or no vote on a government operated by opioids, stolen girdles, and accommodations to rumple, steal skins.

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What makes you the best candidate?
Whether the best candidate, well do we have more experience than most, these offices need change, even noticed scams, running when writing editorials, on the economic reasoning used in this county that also shows not only on the vote, manipulated which some may not have noticed, but shows also in the business, prospects, available locally.
Another referral, whether the best, will remain hindsight, I supported Reagan, Allen Keys, and others, because of coops running creating economic crisis both to business, the fatted calf, never having been weaned, and those supply lines of an inconsistent overbilling even on property tax checked, error are showing on my bank account to each years property tax amount and those along with other scam, opioid coop, many reasons, I chose to run, including owned, calculator, which in counties, such as Wadena, it would be wise, to have in bulk.

Can you please tell us more about yourself?
Was a former fighter of other fire for the Verndale Fire Department, business owner - Kern Auto and Tractor, V. Kern Construction Co., a former EMT, fire department, head mechanic UPS, former driver UPS, former Wadena County Republican chairman. Have three daughters who graduated from Verndale, MN. Also had many great teachers on politics, proofread most all dad's editorials, back to the Carter era, now those lines have changed, both on editorials road but also a pattern on history that constitutional government is better than other this also shows even when implementing the economy of others.

Is there an issue that you feel needs to be addressed immediately in the county?
You bet, there is and many, from local patterns some have already been discussed with current commissioners on errors to for sale amounts, which even showed at my company why with the current evolution to socialism even through social service, it appears their promoting more opioids than even recovering from, also at the present trends continuing, it may be a miracle to find jobs in Wadena. The amount should be increasing, not decreasing, this shows an error being ticketed on, not only to wage, but the voter do have a right to know, and collect, back more than inflated debt.

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