Wadena County 4-H members represent the area well

State fair results show a strong showing from the local 4-H members.

Jayma Lawson is the only 4-H Ag Ambassador from the entire NW Region of Minnesota.
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WADENA — Jayma Lawson, a Wadena County 4-H member, was named to the 2022-23 Minnesota 4-H Agriculture Ambassador Team.
Jayma was selected from a competitive pool of applicants, chosen based on her passion for 4-H, agriculture and being a role model for 4-H youth across Minnesota. Jayma will be serving as a 4-H Agriculture Ambassador for the 2022-23 4-H year which is from Oct. 1, 2022 to Sept. 31, 2023.
During the year, she, along with other youth from across Minnesota 4-H, will speak at Farmfest and Ag Galas, they will support 4-H agriculture related programs such as 4-H Crop Scouting, they will provide 4-H Agriculture/Agronomy related day camps and 4-H opportunities at the MN State Fair. Jayma is joined by 19 other 4-H members from across Minnesota.
Jayma is among the many youth from Wadena County that competed at the Minnesota State Fair.
Check out their impressive results below:


  • Kira Vergin - Beef - Foundation Simmental Junior Yearling - 3rd Place Overall
  • Allison Hammer - Beef - Cow and Calf (Commercial) - 5th Place Overall
  • Jayma Lawson - Dairy - Red & White Winter or Fall Calf - Blue
  • Ruger Oyster - Dairy - Holstein, Registered - Summer Yearling - Blue, Interview Finalist
  • Emmett Ellingson - Poultry Poster - Blue
  • Katrina Ellingson - Rabbit Poster - Blue
  • Emma Jackson - Rabbit Poster - Blue
  • Lily Parker - Chickens (Bantam Breeding Pen) - Purple (Reserve Champion), Reserve Champion Intermediate Poultry Showperson
  • Charli Snyder - Chickens (Bantam Breeding Pen) - Blue
  • Lily Parker and Charli Snyder - Livestock Team Demonstration - Blue
  • Asher Hoeper - Rabbit (Other Small Breed Purebreds - Senior Doe) - Blue
  • Jayma Lawson - Science of Animals (Dairy Goat - Production) - Blue
  • Chloe Horstmann - Sheep (Suffolk, Registered - January Ewe Lamb) - Blue
    A girl holding a hen.
    Lily Parker holds "Princess," one of her six hens she takes care of in her backyard flock.
    Contributed / Lecia Parker

Art and science

  • Mazie Hopp - Individual Demonstration - Blue
  • Olivia Neal - Individual Demonstration - Blue
  • Jayma Lawson - Plant & Soil Sciences - Blue
  • Aubrey Smith - Upcycled Clothing - Red
  • Kami Hoemberg - Fine Arts - Blue
  • Lily Parker - Creative Writing - Blue
  • Emma Jackson - Exploring Animals - Blue
  • Clara Neal - Food Preservation - Blue
  • Coleen Malone - Home Environment - Blue
  • Mattea Smith - Home Environment - Blue
  • Caleb Smith - Woodworking - Blue
  • Paige Heller - Woodworking - Blue
  • Emma Malone - Woodworking - Blue
  • Jotham Walsvik - Woodworking - Blue
  • Chauncey Hopp - Performing Arts - Blue
  • Katrina Ellingson - Elements of Photography - Blue
  • Carson Dunn - Photo Manipulation - Blue
  • Mazie Hopp - Self Determined - Blue
  • Faith Koning - Vet Science - Blue
  • Asher Hoeper - Wildlife Biology - Blue
  • Olivia Neal - Wildlife Biology - Blue
  • Spirit Clovers 4-H Club - Share the Fun Performance - Participation
  • Ambitious 4-H Club Club - Banner - Purple
  • Wadena Jrs. 4-H Club - Community Pride - Blue
The first annual Cake Decorating contest at the Wadena County Fair included winners Stephanie Kovar, Lily Parker and Kayla Meeks.
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