Special assessment public hearing moved to Feb. 17

Actual assessments are to be determined. Actions following the meeting may be to award bids for the estimated $4.8 million project.

Map showing new water and sewer lines.png
This map shows the proposed path of new water lines extending and looping beyond the new Tri-County Health Care facility.
Image contributed by City of Wadena
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EDITOR'S NOTE: A previous article stated the special assessment public hearing would be Tuesday, Feb. 15. That date has been changed to Thursday, Feb. 17, following a two-week period from the date of publishing in the newspaper's legal section.

WADENA — A public hearing has been set for 6 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 17, at the Wadena City Council chambers in regards to possible assessments related to the utility extension project that will serve Tri-County Health Care and could serve those along the extension project.

This meeting will let the public hear about the project details, learn estimated costs and what amount or if the city intends to assess property owners. Those attending can also be heard and ask questions. The city council uses this hearing as a chance to hear the public’s thoughts on the issue.

The issue at hand is the extension project estimated to cost $4.8 million. Of that cost, Tri-County Health Care is responsible for $4.3 million. The extension is being installed to service the new hospital facility. The other $500,000 comes from the addition of utility connections along the route that could serve properties along this extension should they wish to connect to the water and sewer lines now or in the future.

An earlier estimate suggested this project would cost closer to $3.2 million.


It’s already been determined that TCHC is paying their portion of the cost, which is about 89% of the whole cost. With these bonds used to pay for the project, the city must assess at least 20% of the project. They are already well over that amount.

The difficult decision ahead is whether the city council deems the city’s portion to be assessed to the benefiting property owners or any number of scenarios.

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