Police Blotter: From break ins to bulb changes

Just a few of the many incident reports from Wadena County Sheriff's Office and Wadena Police Department in the past weeks.


Wadena Police Department

Oct. 9
12:48 p.m.: Caller wanted to report that his phone was stolen. The woman he claims stole it was in jail on a narcotics charge. The officer asked what he was doing with her and why he waited six days to report the theft. He did not have a reasonable response. Officer said when she is released he will investigate if she has his phone.

Oct. 14

  • 10:16 a.m.: A caller said a man stopped by her home to say he was hired to spray her lawn. The reporting party said she called the owner who said they did not hire the man. The man then ran to his truck and left.
  • 12:08 p.m.: A woman called to request an officer change her kitchen light bulb.
    Oct. 16
  • 6:23 a.m.: Report of a possible break in of the laundry machines at First Street SW.
    Oct. 17
  • 4:51 a.m.: Caller said her brother was trying to beat her door down. The man said he was kicked out of where he was staying and was upset that the family was not letting him in. Officer told the man to try to contact his family at a decent time of day. The male finished his alcohol and left on bike.

Wadena County Sheriff's Office

Oct. 22
9:25 a.m.: Caller said his neighbor keeps harrassing him and won;t leave him alone. Neighbor allegedly knocks on windows and doors at all hours of the night for two months. He was advised to apply for a harrassment restraining order if it continues.
11:17 a.m. A structure fire was reported in Wing River Township. All property in a shed was lost including a truck, two four-wheelers, two snowmobiles, lawn mower, and other property. The cause of the fire was unknown and the fire marshal was called to investigate.
1:39 p.m.: An officer received a report of a combine on top of a person. Upon arrival, the combine was not on anyone. A man had fallen trying to climb a ladder and got hung up in the ladder. He received assistance getting down and ambulance staff checked his vitals.

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