Living History: Turkeys lost in severe storm

5 years ago Excerpts from the June 4, 2009 Pioneer Journal o Woman charged with gun threats A Wadena woman was charged May 28 with assault and making terroristic threats after an altercation with a family member involving a gun. According to Wade...

5 years ago

Excerpts from the June 4, 2009 Pioneer Journal

• Woman charged with gun threats

A Wadena woman was charged May 28 with assault and making terroristic threats after an altercation with a family member involving a gun.

According to Wadena County court documents, Louise Irene Pearson, 51, was involved in an argument with a family member and said she "would rather be in prison for shooting him [than] living like this." She was allegedly holding the gun by the barrel when she made the comments.


Pearson was taken into custody along 150th Street south of Verndale on May 26, according to court records.

Pearson was charged with second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, terroristic threats, domestic assault and domestic assault with firearms. Bond was set at $200,000 with no conditions or $100,000 with conditions or $10,000 cash bail with conditions. The defendant has a prior qualified domestic violence related conviction from March 2003.

An initial appearance was set for June 2 in the case.

15 years ago

Excerpts from the June 3, 1999 Pioneer Journal

• Verndale principal resigns

Verndale Principal Kevin Cardille will resign this summer after one year of service. The Verndale School Board accepted his resignation May 18.

Cardille joined the Verndale staff last summer as principal of grades kindergarten through 12. He has recently accepted a kindergarten through sixth grade position at Menahga.


Cardille said he was looking for a "more defined role" and as principal of 12 grades, he felt "pulled a little too thin." Menahga will cut his student load in half, allowing him to delve deeper into the curriculum to make some real improvements, he said.

The decision was a tough one though. "I enjoy the Verndale staff, the people, the district, the whole school in fact, and I will miss it," he said.

Cardille's Verndale contract will expire in mid-June 1999.

• Intoxicated woman involved in near head-on collision

Although no one was hurt, a near head-on collision at Homecrest Industries May 27 resulted in the arrest of a 20-year-old Wadena woman.

The Wadena Police Department report stated the woman appeared to be driving at a high rate of speed when she attempted to turn into the Homecrest lot, according to what the other driver said. She swung wide and appeared to be about to hit the other vehicle head on when he attempted to turn his vehicle into a south ditch. They collided. She immediately admitted drinking and said the accident was her fault.

When the woman was taken to the sheriff's office and tested for alcohol, her test indicated a .175 blood alcohol content, according to police reports. No parties appeared to be hurt. The owner of the other care is from Bertha. He was picking his wife up after work.

40 years ago


Excerpts from the June 6, 1974 Pioneer Journal

• Morris Tigers win regional

Coach Lowell Roisum's high school Indians grabbed a 6-0 second inning lead over the Morris Tigers in Wednesday's Region 6 tournament final.

The Tigers retaliated in the bottom of the second inning with four runs on two base hits. Four Wadena miscues aided the Morris rally.

The Indians registered three home runs in the first two frames.

Morris gained the lead in the third inning and were in front of the Indians 11-7 in the top of the fifth frame at Alexandria.

70 years ago

Excerpts from the June 8, 1944 Pioneer Journal


• Stolen car didn't take them far

Walking from Minneapolis, their home town, to St. Paul Monday night, two boys and a girl stole a four-passenger 1941 Ford coupe and drove it to Wadena where they were apprehended Tuesday morning. Abe Lee, Wadena's chief of police, made the arrest after the sheriff's office had been notified to be on the lookout for them.

The youngsters, Lillian Forslin, 15, Douglas Johnson, 15, and Earl Smith, 17, all of Minneapolis, were held here and the sheriff of Ramsey county was notified to get them. Two deputies and the owner of the car came here later in the day and took them and the car to St. Paul. Young Smith has served time in Red Wing reformatory. Johnson is the son of Elmer O. Johnson, employed here about two years ago.

• Farm buildings are damaged by storm

The wind which preceded the heavy rain about 4:30 p.m. Sunday damaged a number of buildings and telephone lines near the Clinton Miller farm and northeast toward District 44 school. Joe Gould's barn had one end torn from it and pieces were scattered for rods. Also the long machine shed on Elmer Larson's farm, the former Gritz place, was blown from the foundation. Many big trees were broken off and it will take some time to reset telephone poles. it was reported that only a few were left standing in a mile.

Si Severson lost about 2,200 young turkeys in the storm Sunday afternoon.

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