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April 19 " An officer performed a traffic stop for a vehicle that didnt have any license plates. As the officer approached the vehicle, he noticed a temporary permit taped to the back window. The officer was unable to see the permit because of th...

April 19

" An officer performed a traffic stop for a vehicle that didnt have any license plates. As the officer approached the vehicle, he noticed a temporary permit taped to the back window. The officer was unable to see the permit because of the tint of the window. The permit had expired. The driver was cited for expired plates. The drivers license plates had been revoked because of an alcohol violation about a month and a half ago and the driver had been issued a temporary permit.

April 18

" A large dog was in a mans garage and wouldnt leave. The caller was told to secure the door so the dog wouldnt leave before officers got to the garage. An officer arrived and the dog hopped into the back seat of the squad car. The dog was impounded. The female dog was brown and white colored, had a green collar and was very friendly.

" A caller said two black dogs were at large in southwest Wadena. As an officer drove to the area, a woman stopped while in her vehicle to tell the officer the Dobermans were out again. That was where the officer was headed. The same dogs had been out several times before so the officer knew which house the dogs were from. When the officer arrived, the dogs were inside the home. The officer told the owner of the dogs that she would receive a citation for allowing the dogs to be at large because the dogs had been loose several times and she had been given warnings. The woman was cooperative.


" A caller told dispatch about an elderly man who was walking in southwest Wadena and was limping and grabbing his ankle. The caller was concerned for the mans welfare. An officer arrived and spoke to the man who was walking. The man said he decided to walk to the hardware store but turned around half way because his ankles were bothering him. The man said he was fine to walk home and didnt need a ride. The man was very polite and was actually walking at a quick pace.

April 17

" A woman called to ask about her sons missing bicycle. She told dispatch it had been missing for more than a week but she hadnt contacted the police department to write a report. A bike matching the description of the sons bicycle was at the police department garage. The woman sent her son to get the bike.

" A womans home was broken into and a wedding ring and pearl bracelet were taken from her room, and her daughters room was demolished. An officer arrived and was met by the woman who had called police. She said someone had gone into her unlocked home and ransacked her daughters bedroom. The woman said nothing was taken from her daughters bedroom but the womans wedding ring set was taken from her bedroom. The woman and daughter didnt know who would have broken into the home. About an hour later, the woman called back and said the rings were found outside next to the driveway. The daughter was going to ask around school about possible suspects.

April 16

" A gas station employee activated the alarm. An officer arrived and spoke with the clerk. The clerk said a man who was about 50 years old came into the store and bought two packages of cigarettes. The man gave the clerk $20 and the clerk gave the man change. The man said the clerk didnt give him enough money back and began yelling and threw the cigarettes down and walked out. The man then came back and took the cigarettes and left. Officer checked the area but didnt find the man.

" An officer was dispatched to a report of someone possibly trying to steal a vehicle. The caller was detaining the suspect. A man told an officer that about 2:40 a.m., two men came to his home and wanted to speak to one of his sons. The father told the young men what time it was and that no one was going anywhere. Then, the men left in a vehicle and he could hear it driving around the block. Minutes later, the father said he was looking out of his living room window and saw one of the two men walking down the street and get into a car that belonged to the father. The father and one of his sons went outside to confront the man and he attempted to flee, but the son caught up to the man and tackled him onto the ground. The son brought the man back to the home and the father called the police. Nothing was taken from the vehicle, but the glove box had been opened and papers were removed and scattered on the seat. An officer smelled alcohol on the breath of the man they had detained. The man said he had been drinking. He was taken to the Wadena County Jail and charged with tampering with a motor vehicle, disorderly conduct and minor consumption. This was the mans third minor consumption charge in two months. The man denied any involvement and said he was standing by his house having a cigarette when they tackled him. The man lives about 12 blocks away on the other end of town.

April 15


" A man was asleep in a restaurant booth and someone at the restaurant wanted the police to remove the individual. An officer found a snoring, passed out man sleeping in one of the booths at the restaurant. The officer woke the man. The man had an active warrant from Todd County and was taken to the jail.

" A woman said her neighbor was having a party and she wanted it shut down for the morning. An officer arrived and saw six people outside on the deck drinking alcohol. The owner of the home was having a party and the officer told him of the complaint of loud noise. It was about 4:15 a.m. The people cleared the deck and went into the home.

Law enforcement also handled the following: dishonored check 1; dog at large 1; noise complaint 1; public assist 3; property damage motor vehicle accident 3. This information is from the Wadena Police Department and Wadena County Sheriffs Department incident reports.

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