Through five unanimous votes, the city council approved funds for projects around the city, including equipment, maintenance and construction.

“I think we spent enough money tonight,” said Mayor George Deiss.

The first resolution included funds Tri-County Health Care will receive. As a review, Tri-County Healthcare financial consultant Tom Mayfield discussed Wadena’s role in the new hospital project. Although the hospital location is not in Wadena, a portion of the proceeds from Bertha will be used at the current hospital in Wadena. The council unanimously voted on a resolution granting Wadena as the host municipality, meaning Bertha will issue tax-exempt proceeds to the current hospital. Mayfield also mentioned Tri-County Health Care’s future finance plan of working with the USDA and other resources early next year.

As another step in financing for the purchase of a firetruck and public works equipment, the council unanimously approved for the issuance and sale of the $841,000 bond. Northland Security representative George Eilertson reminded council members of the 10-year finance plan as well as the 2.7 percent interest rate with Wadena State Bank. The funds will be available on Dec. 12.

In other actions, the board:

  • Approved of city administrator Janette Bower’s assessment of miscellaneous projects around the city, from mowing to sweeping, nuisance properties and hydrant maintenance. There will be a public hearing at the next meeting on Dec. 10. “I can say that I think the assessments are very small this year, under $5,000,” Bower said.

  • Approved partial pay requests for the business park costs through October 2019 totaling $1,013,843.45. The council expects a final request in the spring. While the project is 85 to 90% complete, the spring projects including final seeding of disturbed areas and paving, according to project manager Anthony Enright.

  • Approved cost assessments of $511,363 for improvements completed on CSAH 4 in summer 2019. The project reconstructed CSAH 4 and updated the 4th St NE connection onto Hwy 10. A portion of the cost will be paid for by special assessments to property owners. Those property owners will be notified of a public hearing set for Dec. 10 at 6 p.m. where property owners will be given a chance to be heard. The special assessment amounts are not officially finished but the resolution includes an amount of $132,889.40.

  • Approved $442,548.95 for the CSAH 4 project to pay Wadena County for the city of Wadena’s utility portion. Bower said the amount is the highest projected number from Wadena County but she expects the official amount to be lower.

  • Heard from Public Works director Dan Kovar on the park board’s hope to keep the band stand running after repairs and the removal of the stairs to keep it inaccessible to the public.

  • Heard from council member Mark Lunde about recent complaints from business owners on city parking, specifically asking for time limits on downtown spaces. Lunde mentioned the on-street parking can become bottle necked due to people parking in one space all day while they are at work.