Wadena County road construction, maintenance and operation costs reached nearly $12 million in 2018, according to a report provided to Wadena COunty Commissioners during their regular meeting, Tuesday, Sept. 17.

Wadena County Highway accountant Lori Lorz and County Highway Engineer Ryan Odden spoke about the past year of highway projects, which included over $9 million in construction projects.

A summary of highway work included the total miles in the county; 221 regular miles, 15 municipal miles and 216 miles of county highway. Each are billed differently as different funding sources are used for each.

Odden touched on two large projects this year on Cty Road 12 and 26, which are not yet complete. He said those projects have surpassed the substantial completion date, which means the contractor will be charged every work day until completion. Odden said they’ve been notified of the charges and the contractor is working to finish jobs in North Dakota before coming to Wadena County to finish the job.

Other highway jobs noted in the annual report include:

Regular State Aid contracts

  • $795,984.19: CSAH 2 from TH10 Bituminous, curb and gutter,

  • $893,331.79: HWY 71 to Slover Ave, Sebeka, mill and overlay,

  • $4,251,406.53: CSAH 23 south to Jct. CSAH 26, bituminous overlay,

  • $474,250.37: CSAH 26, overlay, shoulder, culverts municipal state aid contracts,

  • $1,006,426.68: CSAH 4 in City of Wadena, county road contracts,

  • $306,257.28: CR 130 bituminous patch and new culvert,

  • $269,833.20: County wide striping project,

  • $237,483.04: county wide pavement markings.

Bridge contracts: None


  • Regular State Aid: 221.38 miles, $957,418.83

  • Municipal State Aid: 14.92 miles, $110,764.79

  • County Roads: 213.68 miles, $1,308,877.95

Equipment purchased

  • 2018 Caterpillar I Pull Type sod mulcher, $47,700

  • 2018 Felling 16' trailer, $14,911.60

  • 2018 Vermeer M6040 disc mower, $9,467

  • 2018 JD 7430 tractor $ 68,000


  • Utility 34

  • Moving 29

  • Driveway 11

Odden said the county bridge fund will have enough reserved funds to replace a bridge, but it’s not yet clear that area townships approve of bridge replacement. Odden mentioned Leaf River Township and Rockwood Township as two with aging structures.

In other business, commissioners:

  • Approved new split rail fencing at Old Wadena around the parking area on the south and west sides as part of their improvements project for 2019. The cost of materials was estimated at $785. Commissioners approved spending not more than $800 from the park reserve fund.

  • Approved a proposal from Stellar Services, LLC, to provide inmate banking and commissary for the Wadena County Sheriff’s Office. The software manages inmate funds while they are incarcerated; provides access to a law library; provides remote video visitation capabilities; and secure emailing between inmates and friends and family.

  • Approved a joint powers financing agreement for refinancing existing bonds. According to a Prairie Lakes Municipal Solid Waste Authority representative, if they proceed they could drop from a 5% interest rate to a 3% rate on a 2011 bond.

  • Approved a resolution declaring the 2019 market price for MSW in Wadena County. The county set a market price of $79.34 per ton for a facility, based on a tipping fee amount of $37.10 per ton at the Dakota Landfill and an additional contracted transportation cost of $42.24 per ton.

  • Approved the City of Wadena the right to use part of the SW Quarter of the SE Quarter of Section 6, Township 134 and Range 35 in Wadena County (an area on the county fairgrounds near an entry gate) for a permanent utility easement. County coordinator Ryan Odden said they’ll be adding a section of water main from Hwy 10 into the fairgrounds. There is already an existing line in place.

  • Approved the sale of four 2-yard dumpsters from the county parks department at the offered price of $50 per container. The county parks dept. recently removed its own dumpsters from Frame’s Landing County Park in favor of a larger dumpster provided by the sanitation company who picks up the garbage at the park.

  • Approved a committee charter for the Strategic Planning/Economic Development Committee. The committee includes Chuck Horsager, Bill Stearns, Soledad Henriksen, Lee Brekke, David Hotchkiss, Deana Malone and Katie Heppner.

  • Approved the committee charters for each of the Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment. Board members include Charles Aagard, Michael Weyer, Rick Youngbauer, Charles Funk, Jensine Kurtti and Chuck Horsager.

  • Recognized Commissioner Jon Kangas for his years of service with the planning and zoning boards.