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Wadena County Commission: Board approves pay equity study

A pay equity report presented by Human Resources/IT director Curt Kreklau was approved unanimously by county commissioners, Tuesday, Feb. 19.

The report shows whether or not employees of either gender are receiving close to equal pay in the county government. Kreklau said numbers were similar to a 2016 report, noting that report was approved as presented. The report is required to be given to the state.

The preliminary report showed that within the county there are 104 women and 52 men employed. The average maximum monthly pay per employee for men was $4,763.90, while women were at $4,942.96.

Kreklau said looking at those number gives an indication that pay is close. A number of other factors based on job class and years employed go into an algorithm that determines whether there is equity between genders.

An analysis of the data showed that of the employees, 15 male classes and 24 female classes are paid at or above predicted pay. Nine men classes and 23 women classes are paid under the predicted pay. While there was some variation between genders, Kreklau feels the county system is a fair one.

"We have a good system for making things equitable," Kreklau said. If employees feel they are not treated equally, Kreklau said there are some good ways for employees to be heard.

In other board actions, commissioners approved:

• Human Services selling their 2013 Ford Fusion with Mid State Auto Auction and purchasing a vehicle using sale and budgeted funds. The vehicle was to be sold as it had numerous repairs and was higher mileage. Human Services was to find a replacement for $25,000.

• Selling the county's Farm King rear-mount snow blower, mainly used in cleaning bridge decks and opening up lines of sight for drivers. With that sale, the highway department would purchase a front mount snowblower from a MnDOT sale. The cost of the front-mount snowblower was $10,000. It was estimated the current blower could be sold for about $2,500 to go towards the purchase.

• Commissioners reviewed the cost estimate from Foss Architecture and Interiors to provide architectural and engineering construction administration services for a restroom project at a cost of up to $4,500.

Phase 1 of this project consists of remodeling the existing IT staff office space into a single-use restroom, two attorney/client meeting rooms and a public law library alcove.

• Advertising and hiring temporary full-time maintenance worker II and two engineering interns.

• Approved advertising and hiring a Highway Maintenance Worker III.

• A motion to support the change that is required for the non-employees on their per diems by paying them through the Auditor's Office as a warrant and issuing them 1099s if they meet the requirements every January for the prior year.

• Setting a special meeting date from 9 a.m. to noon Feb. 28 to discuss commissioner committee assignments and reorganization concerning a DDA study.