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Wadena County K-9 fundraising campaign receives $3,000

Michael Carr, Wadena County Sheriff, accepted the donation of $3,000 from (left to right) Kip Browne, Jeffrey Browne and Ryan Browne for the Wadena County K-9 fundraising campaign. Courtesy photo.

Wadena State Bank and the Jack and Alvida Browne Family Foundation are each proud contributors to the Wadena County Sheriff Department K-9 fundraising campaign. Each organization donated $1,500 for a total contribution of $3,000.

The K-9 unit is a vital part of the Wadena County Law Enforcement providing assistance with, but not limited to: narcotics investigations, arrest and suspect apprehension, search and rescue of missing children and vulnerable adults. The K-9 unit is also used in presentations to area schools educating students about safety and the dangers of drug use. The current K-9 unit, Zeus, will be retiring from service this spring.