Local college honorees and graduates from fall 2020.

The University of North Dakota Dean's List students include the following local honorees:

  • Marissa Rehm, Henning

  • Emily Veronen, Verndale

  • Tyler Wheeler, Wadena

  • Jasmyn Wood, Wadena

University of Minnesota Crookston Dean's List:

  • Melissa Hammer, Agricultural Education, Aldrich

  • Paul Hendrickx, Agricultural Education, New York Mills

  • Brianna Hinman, Accounting/Finance/ Management, Verndale

  • Brianna Jordan, Health Management, New York Mills

  • Adam Lange, Agronomy, Deer Creek

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  • Patricia Galvin Tvedt, Applied Studies, Bachelor of Science, Motley

At Minnesota State University, Mankato the Honor List local honorees include:

  • Allison Asfeld, Bertha

  • Maya Lake, Sebeka

  • Kenneth Hegarty, Staples

At M State, Dean's List and President's List students from the area include:


  • Madelline Becker, President's List
  • Taylor Hamilton, Dean's List

Deer Creek

  • Mikayla Leach, President's List
  • Colby Schertler, Dean's List


  • Sierra Brown, Dean's List


  • Corey Haataja, Dean's List
  • Nolan Haataja, Dean's List
  • Kate Hendrickson, Dean's List
  • Megan Hendrickson, Dean's List
  • Tara Hillstrom, President's List
  • Hailey Hillukka, Dean's List
  • Andrea Honga, President's List
  • Liisa Honga, President's List
  • Grace Howard, Dean's List
  • Christian Johnson, President's List
  • Abram Josephson, Dean's List
  • Aimee Lake, President's List
  • Jordan Lake, President's List
  • Niina Lake, Dean's List
  • Kelsey Makela, Dean's List
  • Stephanie Myers, Dean's List
  • Lela Peterson, Dean's List
  • Aaron Pietila, Dean's List
  • Jack Pietila, President's List
  • Claire Pinoniemi, Dean's List
  • Maryn Pinoniemi, Dean's List
  • Ashley Savela, President's List
  • Hope Shepersky, President's List
  • Alyssa Skoog, Dean's List
  • Julia Skoog, Dean's List
  • Mariah Skoog, Dean's List
  • McKenna Skoog, Dean's List
  • Michaela Skoog, President's List
  • Janie Tormanen, President's List
  • Rachael Vry, President's List


  • Jeannie Arthur, Dean's List
  • Dawson Bullock, Dean's List
  • Amanda Clasen, President's List
  • Moriah Frame, President's List
  • Bailey Haman, Dean's List
  • Anton Jarvi, Dean's List
  • Raegan Jarvi, President's List
  • Cecelia Lausten, Dean's List
  • Tori Lee, President's List
  • Jolee Lillquist, President's List
  • Megan Lugert, Dean's List
  • Jordan Miller, Dean's List
  • Keegan Nevala, President's List
  • Brandon Nims, Dean's List
  • Jayde Petersen, Dean's List
  • Mallory Ritari, President's List
  • Hunter Skaro, Dean's List
  • Keegan Wattenhofer, President's List


  • Alisha Amerud, Dean's List
  • Paige Lenk, Dean's List


  • Sara Bain-Richter, President's List
  • Cortnie Cottrell, Dean's List
  • Lily Helland, President's List
  • Avery Johnson, Dean's List
  • Ryan O'Bar, Dean's List
  • Caitlin Richardson, President's List
  • Courtney Roth, Dean's List
  • Madison Schmitz, President's List
  • Jackson Weniger, President's List


  • Charity Crosby, Dean's List
  • April Damlo, President's List
  • John Heppner, President's List
  • Reid Homola, Dean's List
  • Breh Hopp, Dean's List
  • Nicole Iken, President's List
  • Breann Malone, President's List
  • Amber Mountjoy, Dean's List
  • Amanda Orsello, President's List
  • Joseph Orsello, President's List
  • Tomi Paurus, Dean's List
  • Cole Pearson, President's List
  • Shiann Richter, President's List
  • Emma Ries, President's List
  • Rhiana Roberts, President's List
  • Lukas Schmitz, Dean's List
  • Mikayla Varela, President's List
  • Cody Wheeler, Dean's List
  • Levi Willis, President's List