Minnesota State Community and Technical College has added an Associate of Science degree for students on the path to undergraduate and graduate degrees in health care careers at M State’s Fergus Falls and Moorhead campuses, according to an M State news release.

The new 60-credit degree in Pre-Professional Health offers specific science and math preparation required by students planning to earn degrees in professions including medicine, pharmacy, dentistry and veterinary science. Many of the courses can also be completed online. The program is the only one of its kind among Minnesota’s two-year colleges, according to the release.

The required courses and labs for the degree include trigonometry and calculus, biology and genetics, microbiology, general and organic chemistry, and statistics. These courses are the foundation for most professional health degree programs at medical, pharmacy, veterinary, dentistry, optometry and chiropractic schools, and in occupational therapy, physical therapy and physician assistant programs.

For more information, call or text the Support Center at 877-450-3322 or email advising@minnesota.edu.