One hundred fifty FCCLA members representing 12 different chapters attended the annual FCCLA Central West Area Conference on Wednesday, Oct. 9, at Memorial Auditorium.

Area President, Emma Mehl presided over the opening session. This included the National Anthem sung by Elliot Doyle, roll call of chapters, as well as introduction of the FCCLA Area Officers and the MN State Officers in attendance.

The officers presented a skit to announce this year’s state theme, “Find a World of Possibilities.” Superintendent Lee Westrum was in attendance to welcome the FCCLA members to Wadena as he advised them to make the most of their opportunities. In addition to WDC chapter member, Emma Mehl, Morgan Grangruth is serving as the Central West Area Peer Educator. Elliot Doyle is serving as the MN FCCLA State President-Elect and participated in the opening session.

The break out round table session included presentations by all of the area officers, WDC FCCLA chapter officers, Madyson Beversluis and Angela LeComte, and WDC FCCLA alum, Caitlin Savage. Someplace Safe in Wadena received a cash donation from each of the chapters in attendance.