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First drama camp for kids brings 37 campers

Katlyn Gardner applies theater makeup to Madelyn Gallant's face as theater campers watch. Photo by Dana Cantleberry, WDC Schools

Wadena-Deer Creek students in third-sixth grade enjoyed a taste of the theater during the first-ever Drama Camp for Kids held Nov. 28 at Wadena Memorial Auditorium.

WDC's high school drama students ran each of the stations where youth learned how to use their voice in a variety of ways, create skits, see how theater makeup is applied, a sneak-peek at the costume closet and the lights and sound booth, and more.

WDC Drama Director Beth Hawkins and her drama students—Elliot Doyle, Katelyn Gardner, Maddie Gallant, Ryann Schmidt, Emma Mehl, Lily Adkins, Ben Keppers, Lael Bervig, Jeff Umland, Sara Goetze and Michael Schmidt—ran the camp for 37 participating youth.

"Our first drama camp was a success," said Hawkins, who plans to make this an annual camp.

The camp was sponsored by the WDC Drama Department and WDC Youth Community Education.