Wadena-Deer Creek High School FACS teacher Sheila Winkels couldn't contain her excitement when a new, high-tech embroidery machine arrived this week.

Thanks to Sourcewell, WDC High School has been selected as a test site for a high-tech embroidery machine, which was installed this week by Nathan Thiesfeld, Dan Bays and Darren Perry of Haldeman & Homme Inc., the company that manufactures and provides support and training for these machines.

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The 6-strand embroidery machine is valued around $13,000 to $20,000. Mrs. Winkels went to a Tech Mobile training at Sourcewell this past year where she saw one of these machines in action. Since WDC didn't have the funds to purchase such a machine, she knew it was a far-fetch dream. But after visiting with the folks at Sourcewell, her dream soon became a reality! WDC and Upsala schools were both chosen to be part of a pilot program.

The machine will be used on student projects such as pillowcases, making quilt labels and possibly a block or two for a quilt, shirts, towel monograms and more.

"These are just a few of the things that come to mind. I am brainstorming more," said an excited Mrs. Winkels.

Mrs. Winkels went on to say this machine will open up many creative possibilities for students' projects and she is beyond thankful to Sourcewell.