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Enrollment up at WDC, Verndale schools

Wadena-Deer Creek and Verndale were both reporting enrollment increases after the first week of the 2017-2018 school year.

"Our enrollment at WDC is up 50 students from last year," WDC Superintendent Lee Westrum reported.

Westrum added most the the increase reflected the fact that families are moving into the WDC school district.

"We recently added a kindergarten teacher and a half- time sixth grade teacher, and we are looking for another special education teacher as well due to the increased enrollment," Westrum said.

Over the last three years WDC records show the September enrollments for the district has been 968 in 2015, 964 in 2016 and now 1,018 in 2017.

The first week of school in Verndale saw 542 students enrolled after a preliminary budget of 533. The first week enrollment was down five students from last May's final enrollment of 547 but marked an overall increase in September numbers for the seventh year in a row.