Wadena County Sheriff's Office

Jan. 28

  • A male party is smashing property yelling and told police to come get him. Male was transported to the emergency room for an evaluation.
  • A woman called police saying she had a protection order against her husband. He was trying to break into the back door at about 11 p.m.

Feb. 2

A male called the dispatch complaining that he was injured on July 3 while in custody. He said he was injured when he was put in jail restraint chair. He called about 28 times in reference to the incident.

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Feb. 3

A caller stated her horse had been stolen. The horse was not stolen, instead there was a disagreement on boarding costs. Both parties agreed to $500. The caller paid the money and took the horse home.

Wadena Police

Jan. 22

Caller reported she received an email noting a large bill from Amazon Prime that she did not order. The order was to be shipped to Texas. Officer suspected a scam and the caller was advised to call her bank to see if there was a charge to her account.

Jan. 24

A caller reported she believed a man was outside her property trying to kidnap her.

Jan. 26

Caller reported his neighbor told him he had a package under the mailbox yesterday but it is now gone. No suspects were identified at that time.

Jan. 28

A driver entered a car wash with a snow plow and the car wash was broken during the wash. The car wash door opened and the driver exited without notifying anyone of the incident. Officer was attempting to locate the driver of the white Chevy 1500 four-door pickup with plow.