Wadena Police

Jan. 8

Officer checked on an individual seated at a park bench at midnight in BN Park. The male was fine.

Jan. 12

  • Caller reported a male party recently got out of Todd County Jail and was asking people for money and a ride home at a gas station. Caller asked if an officer could assist the man.
  • Caller said he watched police pull over a vehicle and the occupants of the vehicle are now pounding on his neighbor's door. The people were first pulled over for no headlights at 9:23 p.m. and cited for no driver's license or proof of insurance.
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Jan. 13.

  • Caller reported what sounded like gunshots near Sunnybrook Park. An officer checked the area and also heard the sound but could not locate it.
  • Caller states he pushed his female passenger out of his vehicle in front of Wadena County Human Services. The male was driving the female to her new residence in Brainerd when they got into a verbal altercation. The man threw out her belongings, called the police and told them to arrest her. An officer asked why the two were together after multiple other altercations in the last year.

Jan. 14

Caller reported the city shut off his electricity and he believes they cannot shut it off due to the cold weather rule. Caller was advised that he did not follow proper channels to obtain the rights under the cold weather rule. He was advised of steps he can take and was satisfied with the answers.

Wadena County Sheriff's Office

An officer assisted another agency when a caller was screaming that she was just dropped off by a male who had a female in his back seat with a broken back. The caller said the female was being kidnapped. No vehicle description was given but she thought it was on Hwy 71. Officer checked a residence and no homeowner was home and no vehicle was at home.

Jan. 11

A juvenile female suffered an injury to two of her fingers from a hatchet. The juvenile was unaware of her location.

Jan. 12

Staff were trying to separate two men assaulting each other. One male was intoxicated and refused to leave another man's apartment.