A homeowner in rural Wadena watched as a young man removed her Trump flag and cut it up before chasing after him in her vehicle.

The homeowner called police and officers responded to a location north of Wadena where the upset woman and juvenile were located. The juvenile admitted to damaging the flag and his mother was called shortly after, according to the Wadena County Sheriff's Office incident report. The suspect was given a citation for damage to property. He left the flag on the property and officers collected it for evidence.

Nov. 6

A father called the sheriff's office to report that his ex-wife would not let him take his child. The ex-wife apparently said that she had a doctors note to keep the child isolated at home because she was ill and had just been tested for COVID-19. The caller was advised that the report would be noted but that officers do not go into homes to take children in custody disputes. He would have to speak with his attorney.

A male party, who just got his drivers license, requested help with putting gas in his vehicle.

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Nov. 7

A caller reported hearing gun shots at about 2:30 a.m. An officer checked the area near 150th and County Road 26. Officer found no vehicle but did find fresh tracks on an approach with beer cans and wet spots on the ground. Photos were taken of the tire tracks and shoe prints.

Nov. 8

Reporting party states their son sent a naked picture of himself to an unknown female on Facebook. The female sent the photo to his entire friends list when he refused to pay her $2,000. An officer advised that it was a Facebook scam and that they should report the profile as a scam to Facebook.

Lakewood Hospital called to report that a male came in with a accidental gun shot wound to his leg with a 9mm hollow point. He was treated and released.

Nov. 10

A hunter located a German shepherd in Lyons State Forest that was very skinny and had "over thousand ticks." The hunter took the dog back with him and took to a vet to be cared for. The owner of the dog was located and they said they would call back if they wanted the dog back. It was suggested if the owner did not want the dog to bring it to Saving Shepherds of Minnesota.