Wadena County Sheriff's Office

July 16

  • Reporting party said his son stole his truck last night. He also stated that they fought and he threw him on the ground. An officer took statements and met with all parties.
  • A vehicle was found flipped over in a ditch. A female driver was involved and had only a minor scrape. The vehicle was towed.

July 17

  • Reporting party said someone came into his yard and ripped out his flowers and a flag, put them on the ground, and the flag was pushed into the ground. The caller said he has been submitting letters to the local newspaper on his viewpoints, also said he has a Trump flag in his yard and that could be why someone would have done this. He said a phone call back would be fine as he only wanted added patrol in the area. Reporting party called back and said that someone who was working on his house accidentally hit the mailbox and that is how the damage was done.

July 18

Dark green/blue pickup was found hanging over an embankment near a bridge. Vehicle was unoccupied and the registered owner indicated they went into the ditch during the storm. Vehicle was towed and had no damage.

July 19

Verndale Police Department had two run from a traffic stop just after 1 a.m. Wadena County Sheriff’s Office assisted in search with a drone and K9. Parties were not located.

The Wadena County Sheriff’s Office answered 103 calls for service, including seven car/deer collisions from July 16-22.