Wadena Police Department

Thursday, May 21

A complaint of a female party trying to get into a fenced area of a backyard. The officer inquired what she was doing and the party stated she was taking the dog. She stated she had permission from the owner to take the dog. No one was at the residence. The officer made contact with the owner and the female was allowed to take the dog.

Tuesday, May 23

Reporting party was flagged down by someone to call and report that a man was laying on the sidewalk sleeping. Party has now gotten up and entered the store. The male party got to Walmart early and laid on the sidewalk until the store opened. He then got a few groceries and walked home.

Wednesday, May 27

Reporting party stated that 15 minutes ago she witnessed a medium size bear running south from the Olmsted and Toby’s Hill area.

Wadena County Sheriff's Office

Monday, May 25

A truck started on fire after the driver stated that he was having problems with the carburetor. He went fishing and the truck started to flood out on him. After the truck backfired, the driver saw flames, pulled over and threw a few items out of the truck. The truck was a total loss.

Wednesday, May 27

A caller stated she wanted to talk with a deputy about a text message she had received. The caller believed it was a scam and the deputy confirmed it was a scam. The deputy took the number and told the caller to block the number. No personal information was given to the number on the text.

Wednesday, May 27

A driver reported that he hit a red hawk with his vehicle and wasn’t sure what he should do. Officer stated the bird was deceased and would take care of the animal.