Wadena Police Department

March 8

Female party was seen walking up and down the parking lot aisles at Walmart checking vehicle doors.

March 11

A male party reported a roommate hit him in the head, grabbed him by the throat and smashed his head into a wall. The two were to separate and one was removing his belongings.

March 12

A male party was acting strange reaching in his pockets and such. Was there earlier and now came back. The male party was arrested on a Ramsey County warrant.

March 13

Reporting party states that a woman is sitting in the passenger seat at a fuel pump. She pumped gas and then has been sitting there for a half hour.

Wadena County Sheriff's Office

March 13

  • An individual dressed in camouflage with a rope was sitting inside a store making people feel uncomfortable. The male later left in a green pickup with a camper on the back. Officer was going to keep an eye out for them.
  • Vehicle located in a cemetery after posted closing time. Marijuana shake and stems were found in plain view. Over 1.4 grams were located in the vehicle along with paraphernalia.

March 14

Caller reported he was upset about a neighbors dog running around. Caller was informed there is no dog ordinance in the county. Caller later called again complaining about the dogs, society cops and everything that is wrong with the world. He was tired of noting being done.

March 15

Caller asked if it was legal for him to go to church. The pastor later called to share that there was concern the man was going to cause a disturbance. At one point the male wanted an officer to come to church with him to make sure "nothing went wrong." Dispatcher shared that that would not happen, but an officer did patrol the area and remained until services were done.

March 17

  • A male in his mid 20s wearing a black and white jacket, with black hair, not making sense, walked up to a residence and into the house. The callers woke up to him inside their house.
  • A school bus was located on the side of a road, still running, with sunglasses and a book inside, but no one is around.
  • A 14-year-old girl home alone witnessed a black van pull into driveway at about 1:30 p.m. A person exited the vehicle and tried to open the house door, but the door was locked. The person left in the van last seen headed towards County Road 23.

March 18

Reporting party called saying he would like a phone call as his wife took his phone until he sells the cows. Complainant is finishing divorce papers.