Oct. 2

  • Curtis J. Phipps, 42, Staples, convicted of a misdemeanor fifth degree assault charge. Total fees of $390 and a stay of 63 days local confinement. As part of the sentence he is to write a letter of apology to the victim through probation. Charges of possession of drug paraphernalia were dismissed, while a charge of fifth degree controlled substance was continued.
  • Casey W. Parmeter, 26, New York Mills, convicted of felony first degree drug sale of 10 grams or more cocaine/heroine/meth within a 90-day period. Parmeter was fined $1,950 and is to be committed to the St. Cloud Correctional Facility for 90 months, stay for 30 years. He'll be on supervised probation for 30 years. Other felony charges including conspiracy to commit first degree controlled substance -sale; first degree controlled substance - possession; second degree sale of 3 grams or more of drugs; and conspiracy to commit second degree controlled substance- sale were all dismissed.

Oct. 7

  • Brian M. Pothen, sentenced for aiding an offender. Sentenced to 20 months in St. Cloud Prison and a fee of $140.

  • Jolene B. Peterson, 50, Wadena, was sentenced to a stay of 364 days of local confinement and fees of $1,940 after being convicted of gross misdemeanor theft by swindle charges. Restitution costs were $950. Peterson was also placed on two years supervised probation. The offense occurred on March 2, 2019. A second charge of theft was dismissed.

Oct. 21

  • Jeffrey Brent Daily, 34, Wadena, second degree DWI; driving after cancellation, fees of $140, local confinement 365 days, credit for time served 24 days.
  • Anthony C. Snyder, 61, Wadena, disorderly conduct, brawling or fighting, $390 in fees, stay 90 days for 90 days.

Oct. 24

  • Danielle M. Fisher, 42, Wadena, felony fifth degree controlled substance crime, fees of $1,590, commit to Shakopee Correctional Facility for 12 months, 1 day, stay for 5 years. Local confinement credit of 49 days.