Wadena County Sheriff's office

June 29

• Caller stated that she received multiple calls from a male party asking her if she's going to a bar in Sauk Center. Dispatch advised her to block the number.

• A suspicious male carrying a suitcase and large knife was spotted looking in windows near Tony's Transfer. Party was planning to look for work.

• A crate with two dogs was found in the middle of the road. Driver recovered the crate.

June 30

• Campers were fighting beside the baseball field. Intoxicated party went to the wrong campsite.

• Complainant discovered vehicle that had been vandalized with lipstick.

• Officers responded to an incident involving a male and female party in a physical altercation. Girlfriend was hitting and choking the boyfriend because he wanted to end the relationship.

July 1

• A welfare check was requested on a residential property. Male party is living in the residence without running water and plumbing. The male has 26 dogs and is living in unsanitary conditions. Officer found two cats and 15 dogs in kennel upon making contact.

• Male party fell 20 feet onto concrete.

Wadena Police Department

June 26

Driver nearly read-ended squad car. Driver was traveling down the shoulder of the road.

June 30

Caller possibly struck by lightning. Caller gave his address then hung up.

July 2

Train blocking three lanes in town. BNSF was contacted about the issue.

July 3

• Received a report that car wash was accepting money but not giving car washes.

• Complainant stated that a male party drives by her apartment every night and revs his engine and spins tires. The male sometimes leaves dead fish in her yard.

July 6

Caller complained that a drone was flying near her property and concerned that it could see in her home. Officer made contact with drone owner.