Wadena County Sheriff's office

June 21

• Caller reported stolen items posted for sale on Facebook. The individual no longer lives in the county.

• People causing a disturbance at the skatepark. Small group running around and saying there is going to be a driveby shooting.

June 22

• Suspicious male walking very quickly down the road.

• Complainant believes people are sneaking onto his property and leaving debris in his furnace air exchange. He reported nothing missing and hasn't actually seen anyone tampering with his things. He also believes they put his cat in a tree.

• Received a report about fight involving three people. Assisted Wadena police department with the incident.

June 23

Caller and his son were canoeing down the Crow Wing River and saw two females shooting over the river from their property. Bullets struck the water close to the canoe. Officers made contact with the females. They were apologetic and said they were firing at rodents.

June 24

Someone stole $300-$400 worth of dirt from private property. Complainant was advised to install a trail camera.