Wadena Police Department

May 10

Received a report of a fight in the parking lot. Officers made contact, one party left before the police arrived. Only pushing and shoving, not actual hitting.

May 11

• Complainant reported an aggressive dog. The dog approached him while mowing the lawn. Authorities made contact with the dogs owner and warned them about the dogs behavior. Future issues could result in a citation and the dog being placed on the dangerous list.

• Authorities received an anonymous call about parties occuring at a residence that involve meth and pills.

May 12

Caller reported damage to his vehicle. Windshield appeared to be smashed with a baseball bat.

May 14

Anonymous caller reported an individual swinging a black cat against a boat.

May 16

Caller reported that someone loosened lug nuts on the front right tire of his vehicle. Caller requested extra patrol.

Wadena County Sheriff's office

May 9

• Complainant reported a break-in at his cabin. Electronics, two handguns, and two rifles were missing. Door was pried open.

• Caller reported multiple gunshots near her home.

May 10

Six to eight sheep found grazing out of fenced area. Owner is having a very difficult time keeping them enclosed. A citation was issued for public nuisance.

May 11

• Report of a grass fire. Deputy assisted with traffic.

• Injured eagle was found in the ditch. Officer spoke with a conservation officer. The eagle was left alone but would be checked on later by the conservation officer.

• Caller reported that her brother threatened to kill her dad. He said he was going to shoot him.

May 12

• Vehicle upside down and on fire. Body found inside.

• Three horses found running down the road. Deputy caught the horses and returned them to their owner.

• Female arrested for second degree DWI. The female was traveling to Staples.

May 13

Officers responded to a vehicle rollover with ejection.

May 15

Structure fire. Assisted with photos.