Wadena Police Department

April 26

Older female found sitting on the curb with a bloody nose. Female was intoxicated and transported to Tri-County.

April 27

Jeep Wrangler stole from driveway. The door was unlocked and the keys were in the vehicle.

April 30

• Vehicle stopped for texting and driving. Driver admitted to using his phone while driving.

• Received a report of a man standing outside business and following people to their car. The man had something in his hand and was seen shaking his hand at people.

May 1

Fraudulent $100 bill found. The bill has oriental writing on it.

May 2

Caller reported someone was lying on the sidewalk. Subject walked into the sheriff's office.

Wadena County Sheriff's office

April 26

Male party very upset and making comments about slitting throats while leaving doctors office.

April 27

Female party is off medication and expressing a desire to hurt others. Officers made contact with the female and she made comments about harming a cat.

April 28

Complainant reported daily damage to the roadway and his property. Stated vehicles have been damaging his mailbox.

April 29

• Caller reported a female party being violent. She hit him with a dresser and broke a mirror. She also took a knife to the bed.

• Property owner reported damage via bb gun. Officer stopped and photographed damage. Windows were broken, cracked, and chipped.

• Fox in the middle of the road. It was struck by a vehicle and still alive. The animal was growling and being aggressive. Fox was dispatched and removed.