Level three sex offender Christopher Austin Sharp was released to live in Wadena, Monday, Aug. 5.

Sharp is living on the 200 block of 1st Street Southwest in Wadena.

Sharp, 29, has a history of engaging in sexual contact with known females (teen and adult). Contact included sexual touching and penetration. Sharp has used force to gain compliance.

Sharp is a white, non-Hispanic male with fair skin tone, with brown hair and eyes. He stands 5 foot 10 inches and weighs 148 pounds.

The information about this registrant is released to the public pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 244.052 or 253D.32. This registrant has completed a term in prison or has been released from confinement at a state treatment facility. He has a history that may include an offense or civil commitment status that requires registration under Minnesota Statutes 243.166 or 243.167. According to all of the information known to the Minnesota Department of Corrections this registrant is not wanted by law enforcement unless otherwise noted above. Rather, this information is provided to the public to enhance public safety through knowledge of the registrant's general area of residence. If you have any questions about the registrant, please contact the Wadena Police Department at 631-7700.