Wadena County Sheriff's office

April 18

Suspicious black vehicle driving past complainants house very slowly when her children are outside. This has been happening for a few weeks.

April 19

A report of a grass fire. Fire occurred in city limits.

April 20

• A report of a grass fire that blew into logs and tires. DNR was in the process of handling the issue.

• Citizen was having a garage sale and was given a $100 counterfeit bill. She did not accept the bill.

• Burning cardboard led to a grass fire. No substantial damage.

• Grass fire started from burning. Sebeka Fire Chief advised property owner.

April 21

Caller reported a light pole down. No exposed wires but it was on the road. It is suspected that a maroon pickup truck struck the light pole.

April 22

Spray paint vandalism to bench at baseball field.

April 23

Complainant was struck from behind by a white Chevrolet truck. Driver did not make contact and took off. The complainant hit him then drove over his ankle. He has a hairline fracture in his ankle and a fractured shoulder.

April 24

Assisted with a car fire.