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Police Blotter - April 11 - 18

Wadena Police Department

April 12

• Complainant reported a semi was stuck trying to turn into the parking lot of Valley Irrigation. Semi is blocking eastbound traffic.

• Male stumbling around, knocking on doors, and looking in windows. He was wearing a reflective coat and asking people if they needed odd jobs completed. He was warned about soliciting without a license.

April 15

Vehicle struck railroad crossing arm near the firehouse. Arm was found laying on the tracks.

April 16

• Wadena Police received a report of teenager driving erratically through the park, possibly drinking. Mini alcohol bottles were found on the ground. Driver was stopped and stated they were in the park making out. Party was not involved with the call.

• Officer responded to an alarm. Male party stated he was testing his alarm but couldn't hear anyone on the other line.

April 17

Officer spotted male with DOC warrant. Male ran and escaped. Female party was questioned but didn't know where he went.

Wadena County Sheriff's office

April 11

• White SUV going over 100 mph. Driver threw something out the window that hit complainants vehicle.

• Caller reported a tree down blocking the roadway.

April 12

• Report of a suicidal male with meth addiction issues driving around town. The individual is possibly on drugs and may have a gun.

• Complainant reported that 10 horses were loose in the road. Seven horses were recovered.

April 14

Report of an accidental shooting. Bullet ricochet occured when shooting at a metal bowl. Victim was hit on the finger outside of Menahga.

April 16

Caller stated her son stole $300 in quarters.