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Police Blotter - Feb. 28 - March 7

Wadena Police Department

March 1

• Two males punching each other. One male left.

• Owner of Divas reported a male party hanging around business and acting strange. Male was asked to leave. Complainant requested an officer's presence to discuss trespassing.

• Complainant purchased Xbox and games from a video store. A message came over his Xbox demanding $100 in order for the Xbox to work.

March 4

Strange man came into store stumbling around and confused. Tried buying cigarettes and alcohol but was turned away for no identification.

March 5

Police department received information about a male tattooing in his apartment. Officers checked and the male has not been able to tattoo in years because of his health issues. Also, his tattoo materials were stolen.

March 6

Caller stated a green van tried to run him off the road after failing to stop at a stop sign. Caller claimed the vehicle made a U-turn then head toward John's Car Care.

Wadena County Sheriff's Office

Feb. 28

• Complainant was scammed out of $12,000. Officer gathered information and conducted follow up.

• Vehicle strikes buggy. Minor injuries were reported and officers assisted at the scene.

March 1

• Male party believes he his being pranked called by a nurse. Officers advised him to contact his doctor about the call. The number did come back to Tri-County Health Care.

• Officer observed vehicle speeding. Radar gun lock at 72 mph. Officer initiated pursuit and vehicle entered the ditch. The female driver was unaware of her speed. A tow was contacted and she was cited.

March 3

A report of a structure fire.

March 4

• Vehicle was searched because it smelled of marijuana. A small amount of marijuana was seized and destroyed. The driver was cited for speed.

• Complainant stated a car was driving by his parents house. The vehicle turned around in their driveway and met with another vehicle. Complainant believes the suspicious behavior is due to drugs.

• Dodge Ram versus trailer. Trailer hit ice and jackknifed into truck.

March 5

Vehicle rollover. Occupant were checked and released.