Wadena County Sheriff's Office

Feb. 14

• Complainant reported a pickup pulling into his yard then leaving immediately after seeing the complainant. He followed the pickup flashing his light attempting to stop him but the pickup wouldn't stop.

• Shooting in Hubbard County. Assisted with perimeter security and scene preservation.

Feb. 17

Caller reported they found a dog shot at the landing of McGivern park. Several shell casings were found by the dog. Dog was found with its collar and leash on.

Feb. 18

Adult male attacked female. Four adults at residence. Male party was arrested.

Feb. 19

Complainant called for advice on how to remove individual from home. Complainant stated the individual is verbally abusive and she cannot take it anymore.

Feb. 20

Caller reported her mother receiving scam calls about her grandson being in jail and requesting money. The caller was upset and informed of the common nature of the scam.