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Police Blotter - Jan. 31 - Feb. 10

Wadena County Sheriff's Office

Jan. 31

• Complainant contacted authorities about their aggressive German Shepherd. The dog has been getting mean and attacked one of the kids. Officer responded and offered advice about neutering the dog.

• Female party stated that an alarm is going off at the Verndale School. No fire at the school but a broken water pipe was discovered.

Feb. 1

• Township requested assistance from the sheriff's department regarding an individual putting up no trespassing signs on public property. Civil issue, signs were removed.

• Female party reported to be bleeding from the mouth and not responsive.

Feb. 2

• An officer was requested at the ER. A female was restrained for attempting to bite an officer.

• Complainant contacted law enforcement after seeing a video on YouTube of a person walking around her property recording various things.

Feb. 3

Officer was called in to assist with a severely intoxicated female. The female was suffering from alcohol poisoning and may have been raped. A rape kit was conducted and the officer collected the evidence.

Feb. 4

A reported fight between two male parties at the library.

Feb. 5

A report of a male party being aggressive. Female party is scared the male will go for his gun. The male was arrested for domestic assault.

Feb. 6

A skid steer was reported on fire in a barn.

Wadena Police Department

Feb. 1

• White van backed into a light pole in the Dairy Queen parking lot. Owner of the Dairy Queen reported a slight tilt in the light pole.

• Caller reported three kids in a black SUV with no adult. Officer conducted a welfare check.

Feb. 2

• Older female fell several times and was experiencing numbness in her legs. Female was transported to Tri-County.

• A vehicle hit a semi truck. No injuries were reported.

Feb. 5

A folded piece of paper containing money was found in the backdoor of the Wadena Police Department building.

Feb. 6

A report of a man in a green coat asking people in the area for money. The male approached an individual buckling a child in their vehicle. The male made the individual uncomfortable. Officers responded to the male party and told him to stop soliciting.

Feb. 7

• Complainant reported a suspicious vehicle driving through the parking lot whenever she is shoveling. The driver stares and leaves. Officers responded and could not locate the vehicle.

• Plow driver found vehicle in the ditch. Male and female in the vehicle possibly intoxicated.

• Complaint of a disgruntled customer at the liquor store.

• Complainant reported property damage. His camper windows appear to be shot out.

Feb. 8

Caller reported a snowmobile sitting in the ditch. The snowmobile has been in the ditch for a few days and has no current registration.

Feb. 9

Diesel truck in the ditch. A tow company was contacted for help.

Feb. 10

Officers respond to a suicidal male. The male has several loaded firearms. The male was transported to the emergency room.